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Carrying out an inventory

First things first: Analog processes can always be digitized. However, it is a very individual question to what extent and at which points this makes sense. First, the ACTUAL state must be recorded: What is happening in the company in real terms? This also includes recording external dependencies and obligations. The goal of this initial inventory is to get a clear view of how the company is positioned regarding digitization. Is it in the very early trial phase? Or have the first processes already been successfully digitized and only a few adjustments need to be made?

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Limiting the need for action

After taking stock, it becomes clear on what basis the next steps can be taken. The second step is primarily about transferring the requirements of the digital transformation to concrete internal company processes. This begins with an analysis of which value chains are most important and where digitization can be decisive for the economic result and operational control. Also, at this stage, check again whether all the necessary information is available. Caution: This may also involve issues relating to the preparation time and the period of the actual changeover.

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Technical & personnel requirements

Investments must be well considered in every respect. However, digitization is an investment with many unknowns. Involving employees is therefore a crucial success factor. The handling of the newly generated data is also of particular relevance - after all, a huge amount of data is created during the digitization of a company. How can it be processed? As a managing director, am I obligated to instruct my employees on how to comply with the Federal Data Protection Act? As you can see, a secure and future-oriented data handling strategy is required.

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Implementation planning

What is to be achieved? This stage of preparation places particular emphasis on involving the parties involved in the digitization process: change management is the keyword. The prelude to this often takes the form of company meetings or workshops. One result of this planning step can also be a rough concept for implementation planning, which, in addition to describing fields of action, also contains a time schedule. Such a matrix is particularly important if lead times or vacation planning have to be taken into account.

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