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The Salesforce Automotive Cloud

Set new standards in the automotive industry: With our tailor-made CRM solution, you can optimize your business processes and revolutionize your customer service.

The Automotive Cloud at a glance

The Salesforce Automotive Cloud is a customized cloud solution for the automotive industry based on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform. It integrates the Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds and offers a connected customer ecosystem based on AI and analytics.

This platform helps OEMs, car dealers, suppliers and mobility service providers to effectively manage customer and vehicle lifecycles, optimize sales and improve customer service. With functions such as lead management, vehicle and service console and budget management, it enables a personalized customer journey for your customers and optimizes the value chain in the automotive industry.

The best for the automotive industry

The most important advantages of the Automotive Cloud

Management of customer interactions

The Driver Console provides a complete overview of all customer interactions, from browsing and purchase history to service visits. As part of Household Management, you can also view a household's entire driver and vehicle history to personalize support, offers and sales.

Detailed vehicle information

The Vehicle Console provides a quick access to essential vehicle information such as mileage and market value as well as service and repair suggestions in real time.

Data integrity and compliance

The Automotive Data Foundation ensures intelligent data management and creates a trustworthy data basis that is based on industry standards and takes data protection and legal regulations into account.

Lead optimization and conversion

As part of automotive lead management, you can improve lead conversion and communication by enriching leads with unique customer and vehicle histories.

Automation and AI-supported analytics

With the help of AI and analytics, the cloud enables the creation of specially developed dashboards with intelligent automation and detailed insights into sales performance and customer lifecycles.

Efficiency and cooperation with partners

The cloud facilitates collaboration with retailers through partner performance management, increases sales and supports an agile response to challenges such as sustainability and connectivity.

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