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Nonprofit Cloud

To make your help even more effective - a unified platform for organizing your donor and donation data.

The platform for a better future

As a nonprofit organization, you offer something incredibly important: Help. Help for those who really need it. We know that organizations that serve good causes are in great demand and need. Sometimes this can create an unorganized surplus of customer data from all partners:and beneficiaries. The focus on relationships with your partners can be neglected or even lost. The solution? The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.
The Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud helps you get where you want to go without detours. We want to help you make smart decisions - efficient Nonprofit Cloud processes make that a breeze. Your team gets to focus on what matters most: Advancing your mission, helping people with all their might, and creating a better future for every:n as a result.

Good for good

Salesforce for Nonprofits - Tailored to your needs


With a 360-degree view, you can keep track of all fundraising steps, plan more effectively, build relationships and make an impact.

Marketing and Engagement

Raise the awareness of your supporters and deepen the relationship and trust in your organization.

End-to-End Solutions

Pay more of your attention to your project management: measuring and managing effectively will improve the impact of your programs.

Faster promotion

Simplify and expedite grantmaking to ensure communities get the investments they need.

Efficient operation

With the Nonprofit Cloud, you develop dynamic data solutions for your nonprofit organization on a scalable and secure platform.

Shape change

Redesign your processes and empower your team to have the greatest possible impact in your organization.

Do you want to convince your customers in the long term?

We'll be happy to advise you on all your options with the right cloud.

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Are you looking for further solutions? We want to find these ways together with you! Together we rethink your business processes and implement the right cloud for maximum success results!

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