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There are various open source solutions in the Salesforce ecosystem that aim to solve specific requirements. Their use facilitates the implementation of a system that is adequate for you. The quality of these solutions is guaranteed by the Salesforce Partner Program.

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Integration Solutions

Logo von Mulesoft auf grünem Hintergrund


The connectivity platform that lets you connect apps, data and devices even faster - in the cloud, on-premises or hybrid.

Logo von Rapidi Online auf grünem Hintergrund

Rapidi Online

By using preconfigured templates, complex system integrations are implemented easily, safely and quickly.

Logo von Magic Software auf grünem Hintergrund

Magic Software

With a code-free and low-maintenance approach, Magic xpi integrates all applications in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid.

Logo von Celigio auf grünem Hintergrund


Intuitive design and connectors allow any user to create automations and integrations.

Logo von Jitterbit auf grünem Hintergrund


A solution to connect SaaS, on-premises and cloud applications to bring intelligence to any business process.

Logo von Workato auf grünem Hintergrund


Mission: Integrate Anything. Automate Everything.
Workato is a low-code/no-code enterprise automation solution

Data Management & BI

Logo von Tableau auf grünem Hintergrund


The visual analytics platform makes your data visible, understandable and makes it easier to solve complex business questions.

Logo von snapADDY auf grünem Hintergrund


The automatic capture of contact data through CRM add-ons makes work more efficient and faster.

OpenAsApp Logo auf grünem Hintergrund


In just a few minutes, create custom apps based on your data in Excel, Google Sheets, or databases.

Logo von Ownbackup auf grünem Hintergrund


Cloud backup and recovery provider offers secure, automated, daily backups.

Logo von Echobot auf grünem Hintergrund


Let future customers identify and sales & marketing scale with artificial intelligence - efficiently & DSGVO compliant.

Document Management

Logo von JustOnauf grünem Hintergrund


The Billing & Invoice solution for automated order-to-cash processes, as well as taking over contract and invoice management.

Logo von DocuSignauf grünem Hintergrund


A range of applications and integrations for automating and digitizing the entire contract process.

PDF Butler Logo auf grünem Hintergrund

PDF Butler

Surprise your customers with e-documents such as quotes, contracts and even invoices. Manage the templates in MS Word.

Logo von Conga auf grünem Hintergrund


With Conga, you have complete contract lifecycle management in one.
Faster sales cycles & better deals with intelligent CPQ. Efficiently create and manage your documents in Salesforce.

Logo von Appero quote auf grünem Hintergrund

Appero quote

Appero quote is a perfect alternative to traditional CPQ solutions. The sleek and visual Lightning editor allows you to create sophisticated quotes in a professional and time-saving way.

Industry-specific Solutions

Logo von Rootstock auf grünem Hintergrund


Provider of powerful cloud ERP software for manufacturing, distribution and supply chain on the Salesforce Cloud platform.

Telephony and Communication

Logo von Aircall auf grünem Hintergrund


The VoIP phone for modern business and flexible working with an easy and fast setup and intuitive operation.

Logo von Mirage grünem Hintergrund


The CTI Data Connector for Salesforce works with any phone system - VOIP, standard/on-premise or in the cloud (Sales & Service).

Twilio Logo auf grünem Hintergrund


Reach customers where they want to interact with you - from text messages to emails to calls to video and more.

Resource Management and Productivity

Logo von Flair auf grünem Hintergrund


The HR platform to support HR departments with reliable, adaptable and cost-efficient processes.

Logo von GoMeddo grünem Hintergrund

Booker 25

The power of Salesforce makes Booker25 a limitless booking system for all industries and businesses of all sizes.

Slack Logo auf grünem Hintergrund


Slack is the collaboration hub that brings together the right people, information and tools to get the job done.

Nonprofit Organizations

Logo von Pledge 1% auf grünem Hintergrund

Pledge 1 %

The opportunity to use a portion of your future success to support charitable organizations of your choice.

Logo von Salesforce.org grünem Hintergrund


Salesforce as software for nonprofits. Track donor & fundraising data, generate real-time reports and mobilize resources.

RaiseNow Logo auf grünem Hintergrund


Leading digital fundraising software provider for online fundraising solutions.

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