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Salesforce Support & Service

Do you want a reliable partner to provide you with Salesforce support? With us, service doesn't stop with implementation. We offer you the support you need. From careful change management and individual performance analysis to all-round carefree packages for long-term support and maintenance of your system.

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Your best Salesforce

The digital transformation of a company can be a truly mammoth project.
Where do I start? What is the goal? How do I find my way through the jungle of tools and solutions? Do I get the best out of Salesforce? We know the challenges that a digital relaunch brings with it.

With our Salesforce service and many years of experience, we create a reliable system that you will enjoy working with efficiently. But in addition to the system itself, it is the people who use it who are most important. That is why we attach great importance to successful change management. Salesforce must not only arrive at the screen, but also in the heads of the employees. We put all our know-how on the table so that you can get the best out of Salesforce.

Together into the digital future

Salesforce delivers the system, we deliver the support. With careful change management and after-care service after the project, we are at your side as helpers and companions. For all-round support, we offer flexible complete packages.
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Change Management

Tools are important. People are more important. For your digitization journey to be a success, all users need to be on board. Because only with the right attitude and genuine motivation will Salesforce become the best solution.

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Salesfive After Care Service

We take care of Salesforce. You take care of your customers. Even after the successful introduction of your new CRM system, we are there for you. Choose exactly the service you need from various packages.

Change Management

All on board

Successful change management means creating acceptance for change among all users. But how can you achieve this?

Everything starts with the right communication at management level. Here we develop the vision, the central goal and the appropriate strategy. This is followed by concrete measures such as communication plans, workshops or training sessions for users to prepare them for the upcoming changes.

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The Change Management Process


Preparation & Planning

It must become clear why a change is necessary in the first place. Here, it is important to reduce the employees' fears, to demonstrate the advantages and to create motivation.


Conversion & Practice

Users are familiarized with the new system step by step. They are accompanied during the introduction and can count on support at any time.


Acceptance & Stability

The new system is accepted as standard by all and is used with pleasure. All users are willing to share the change.

Ready for change?

Do you want to get your team onboard for the digital future of your company? Are you ready to start the journey together? We guide you through change management and create the best conditions for a fresh start.

Service Contracts

A flexible package of wishes for all

You decide how much service you need. Simply choose one of our four complete packages as your service contract. To remain flexible, you can adjust it on a monthly basis. That way, you pay for what you actually use.

Personal Service Partner

You have a fixed contact person who knows your system inside out and sees himself as part of your team. So, you always get a fast and efficient solution.

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A team of experts

The right experts from our pool are available to you for every problem. If required, you can flexibly book additional consulting hours.

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Quick answer

We respond quickly and efficiently to your requests. Depending on the service level and urgency of the request, we guarantee fixed response times that you can rely on.


Helpdesk requests

Of course, you can always reach us via email or Slack. If you want it to be even more direct, you can also simply submit your request via our helpdesk.


Constant maintenance

Don't panic about updates, changes or new features. We always keep your system up to date.


In any case

Whether it's a quick jump-start, an urgent emergency or complex problem-solving, we're there for you. You can also have an audit every six months.

Performance analysis

A fresh start with brains

Do you feel like you're not using Salesforce as much as you could be? Do you feel that using the system is too slow or cumbersome? Then it's time for a Salesforce Health Check!

On average, companies use only about 30% of Salesforce's features, but pay full price. Yet, the system can be configured in just a few steps to suit your needs. In our performance analysis, we put your Salesforce through its paces and develop a health score.

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