Dauer 1
Gebühr 1.500€
Format On site
Sprache German

About the training

With this training, you'll not only learn the skills needed to get the most out of the Salesforce user interface, but also how to customize it to meet your company's specific needs. Dive in and create a seamless and productive user experience for your entire team.

Day 1
Day 1

Salesforce UI design: page layouts, lightning pages and dynamics

Learn how to effectively design the user interface in Salesforce with page layouts, lightning pages, and dynamic forms and actions to create an optimized user experience.

  • Page Layouts: Learn how to effectively organize and present information through customized page layouts.

  • Apps-Lightning Pages: Discover how to design Lightning Pages in Salesforce Apps for an improved user experience.

  • Dynamic Forms & Actions: Understand how to create interactive, user-customized forms and actions for dynamic workflows.


Master Salesforce paths, quick actions and list views

Learn how to use Salesforce paths, quick actions and list views to optimize your work processes and increase productivity.

  • Salesforce Path: Use of Salesforce paths to guide through process stages for improved clarity.

  • Quick actions: Set up quick access to common tasks to increase productivity.

  • List views: Customization of list views for more efficient data organization and faster access to information.