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About the training

Discover the world of access management in Salesforce with our training program. From the precise customization of permissions to the efficient organization of teams, we offer practical insights to maximize your data security. Learn the intricacies of access management and permissions to ensure tailored control over data access. By optimizing data sharing, workflows and team structures, you will maximize the efficiency of your Salesforce usage and increase collaboration within your organization.

Day 1
Day 1

Master the sharing model in Salesforce

Learn how to build an efficient sharing model in Salesforce. We cover basic aspects of sharing settings, role hierarchy and teams to optimize your data management.

  • Sharing settings: Learn how to customize access rights and permissions for different user groups.

  • Role hierarchy: Understand how to define and assign roles to optimize data sharing and workflows.

  • Teams: Learn how to set up teams in Salesforce for effective collaboration and information distribution.


Development of an authorization model in Salesforce

Deepen your knowledge of how to create an effective authorization model with field accesses, profiles, authorization sets and groups as well as user-defined authorizations.

  • Field access authorizations: Learn how to customize access to individual fields in Salesforce objects.

  • Profiles: Understand how profiles are used to define basic user rights and access levels in Salesforce.

  • Authorization rates: Discover how to assign additional authorizations beyond the basic profile settings.

  • Authorization record groups: Learn how to organize permission sets into groups for more efficient management.User-defined authorizations:

  • User-defined authorizations: Learn how to create your own authorizations to enable special functions and access in Salesforce.