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About the training

The training provides a focused introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement and Mobile Studio, customized in your own Salesforce system - not in a demo environment. It is ideal for administrators who want to expand their skills in the management and optimization of marketing activities.

Day 1
Day 1

Effective mobile marketing with Mobile Connect in Salesforce

Discover how Mobile Connect in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud can revolutionize your mobile marketing. This course provides an introduction to setting up, managing contacts and subscriptions and creating messages.

  • Mobile Connect Introduction: Dive into the world of Mobile Connect.

  • Mobile Connect Setup: Learn how to set up Mobile Connect for your needs.

  • Mobile Connect Contact Management: Manage your contacts effectively.

  • Mobile Connect Subscription Management: Optimize your subscription management.

  • Mobile Connect Message Creation: Create engaging messages for your target audience.

  • Reporting: Analyze your activities for continuous improvement.


Mastering MobilePush: Maximize your mobile marketing in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Deepen your knowledge of MobilePush in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and discover how to effectively design and execute mobile marketing campaigns.

  • MobilePush Intro: Introduction to the basics of MobilePush.

  • MobilePush Setup: Instructions for setting up MobilePush.

  • MobilePush App Administration: Effective management of your MobilePush app.

  • MobilePush Audiences: Targeted segmentation of your target groups.

  • Push Notifications/In-App Messages: Creation of effective push notifications and in-app messages.

  • APP Inbox Messaging: Use of the app inbox for direct communication.

  • Geofence/Beacon Messaging: Use of geofence and beacon messaging for location-based campaigns.

  • Creation & Example Messages: Development and examples of effective messages.

  • Reporting: Detailed analysis and reporting of your campaigns.