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About the training

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement administrator training focuses on effective campaign management and customer engagement alongside the basics of cloud functionality. It offers a hands-on introduction to the basics and provides insight into the advanced features of Marketing Cloud Engagement, including data and contact management and content builder for email marketing, optimized for your specific business needs.

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Introduction to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement: basics and core functions

This course provides a basic insight into the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement. Get to know the Marketing Cloud Engagement and learn how to find your way around it, as well as how to use the functions of the Email Studio and its key elements.

Salesforce Intro: Introduction to Salesforce, a CRM system that supports business processes and customer relationships.

  • What is the Marketing Cloud Engagement: Explanation of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement, a digital marketing platform for customer loyalty.

  • Navigation: Basics of navigation in the Marketing Cloud Engagement, including operation of the user interface.

  • Email Studio: Presentation of the Email Studio with functions for email campaigns.

  • Key features and functions: Overview of key Marketing Cloud Engagement features, such as segmentation and campaign management.


Advanced training in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement: data management and contact design

This course focuses on advanced data and contact management in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement. It covers the use of data extensions, subscriber management, data relationships, send management, reply mail management and the Contact Builder for efficient data and contact management.

Data Extensions & Subscribers:

  • Data Relationships: Explains how customer information is organized in Data Extensions and how subscribers are effectively managed.

  • Data Extensions: Deals with the linking and management of relationships between different

  • Send Management: Focus on administrative settings to manage and control sending to ensure efficient and reliable delivery of emails.

  • Reply Mail Management: Deals with the management and automation of reply e-mails.

  • Contact Builder: Detailed instructions on how to use the Contact Builder, including managing all contacts, designing data structures and integrating different data sources.


Optimization and security in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement: A comprehensive guide

You will receive comprehensive training in setting up and managing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement. This includes detailed instruction on the key aspects of the platform to ensure its efficient use and security.

  • Marketing Cloud Engagement Setup & Administration: Learn how to set up and manage your Marketing Cloud effectively.

  • User Management: Understand how to create user accounts and assign permissions.

  • Business Unit Management: Learn how to organize your business units within the Marketing Cloud.

  • Data Management: Discover how to manage and protect your data efficiently.

  • Marketing Cloud Integration: Seamlessly integrate the Marketing Cloud Engagement with your Salesforce CRM.

  • Security: Learn how to apply best practices for data security.


Content Builder and Intelligence Reports: A comprehensive guide

The training teaches how to use the Content Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement for email creation and personalization, as well as the basics of Marketing Cloud Intelligence, including reporting and data analysis.

  • Content Builder Intro: Discover the basics of the Content Builder and how you can use it effectively for your email campaigns.

  • E-Mail Creation Process: Learn the process of email creation, from conception to dispatch.

  • File Upload: Learn how to upload files and use them in your emails.

  • E-Mail Content: Create appealing email content and personalize your messages.

  • Preview & Testing Personalization: Test and optimize your emails to get the best results.

  • A/B testing: Improve your campaigns with targeted A/B tests.

  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence Reports Intro: Introduction to the powerful reporting functions of Marketing Cloud Intelligence.

  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence Dashboards: Use predefined dashboards to display and analyze the most important KPIs of your marketing activities.

  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence Pivot Tables: Create detailed pivot tables for in-depth data analysis.


Creating web content and customer journeys in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement

Learn the basics of Web Studio and Journey Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement and how to expand your skills in web content creation and customer-centric journeys.

  • Web Studio: Discover how to use Web Studio to create and implement engaging digital content on your website.

  • CloudPages: Learn how to use CloudPages to design effective landing pages that support your marketing goals.

  • MicroPages: Learn how to develop targeted micro-pages for specific campaigns or promotions.

  • DOI Example: Understand how double opt-in processes help increase subscriber quality with a practical example.

  • Journey Builder Intro: Gain insight into the basics of Journey Builder to create personalized and effective customer journeys.


Journey Builder: A guide to customer journey design in Salesforce

Deepen your understanding of the Journey Builder in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement. This course covers everything from Entry sources to best practices and is ideal for designing personalized customer journeys.

  • Journey Builder Entry Sources: Discover how you can use different entry sources for your customer journeys.

  • Journey Builder Activities: Learn how to use various activities in the Journey Builder effectively.

  • Journey Builder Flow Control: Understand and control the flow of your customer journeys.

  • Journey Examples: Be inspired by practical examples for your own journeys.

  • Journey data vs. contact data: Learn the difference and the use of journey and contact data.

  • Journey Builder & Salesforce CRM: Integrate Journey Builder seamlessly with your Salesforce CRM.

  • Journey Exercise: Apply your knowledge in practical exercises.

  • Journey Builder Best Practices: Follow best practices to optimize your customer journeys.


Automation Studio in action: Introduction and practical applications in Salesforce

Discover the world of Automation Studio in Salesforce Marketing Cloud . This course guides you through the basic functions, activities and canvas of Automation Studio, provides practical examples of automation, and gives an introduction to SQL.

  • Automation Studio Introduction: Discover how Automation Studio can automate your marketing activities.

  • Automation Studio Activities: Learn more about the various activities and how to improve your workflows.

  • Automation Studio Canvas: Use the canvas to design your own automation visually.

  • Automation examples: Be inspired by practical examples to develop your own automation.

  • Introduction to SQL: Understand the basics of SQL and learn how to use automated data queries to support your marketing activities.


SQL master class in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement

Immerse yourself in the world of SQL and RDBMS in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement. This course is perfect for those who want to learn SQL functions for data analysis and processing.

  • RDBMS: Explore the basic principles of relational database systems in the marketing cloud.

  • SQL in Marketing Cloud: Use SQL to manage your data effectively in Marketing Cloud Engagement.

  • SQL functions: Understand the key features of SQL for powerful data queries.

  • SQL examples in Marketing Cloud Engagement: Be inspired by real SQL examples.

  • SQL exercises in Marketing Cloud Engagement: Improve your SQL skills with practical exercises.