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About the training

Take your customer communication to the next level by learning how to personalize content, messages and offers in our training. This customized training takes place in your Salesforce system and not in a demo environment. This allows you to prepare even better focus on precisely understanding and addressing the needs of your customers in order to enable a more effective and personalized customer approach.

Day 1
Day 1

AMPscript in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud: An interactive introductory course

This course introduces you to the basics of AMPscript in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You will learn how AMPscript can be used in your marketing strategies, including syntax, application examples and practical exercises.

  • Introduction and application examples: Dive into the world of AMPscript and see use cases.

  • AMPscript syntax: Understand the basic structure and rules of AMPscript.

  • Inline AMPscript: Learn how AMPscript is used directly in text.

  • AMPscript in Blocks: Learn how to use AMPscript in structured blocks.

  • AMPscript in emails: Discover how AMPscript can make emails more dynamic.

  • Application exercise: Deepen your understanding through practical exercises.


Cloudpages, CRM functions and learning resources

Deepen your knowledge of AMPscript with a special focus on Cloudpages and Salesforce CRM features. This course provides hands-on practice and valuable resources for effectively applying AMPscript to your marketing strategy.

  • AMPscript in Cloudpages: Discover how AMPscript is integrated on Cloudpages to create dynamic web content.

  • Salesforce CRM AMPscript functions: Learn about specific AMPscript functions for Salesforce CRM and how to use them.

  • Application exercise: Deepen your AMPscript knowledge through practical exercises.

  • AMPscript resources: Use additional resources to expand your knowledge and deepen your skills.