Dauer 1
Gebühr 1.500€
Format On site
Sprache German

About the training

In our training, you will learn how to create efficient and robust flows on demand in your own Salesforce org that optimize the user experience and develop scalable processes to grow your business. Discover how improved workflows and user-friendly processes can drive your business forward.

Day 1
Day 1

All about Salesforce Flows: Types, Examples & Practical Applications

You will learn about the different types of Salesforce flows, supported by practical examples and applications to deepen your understanding of effective CRM automation.

  • Flow Overview: A detailed insight into the concept and functionality of Salesforce flows, including their role and importance in the CRM system.

  • Examples: Using concrete examples, we explain how different flows look and work in Salesforce and give you a better understanding of their applicability and efficiency.


Deepening the basics

In the afternoon, we will deepen the basics of flows and go into specific application examples - also in your Salesforce organization.

  • Flow types: An explanation of the different types of flows in Salesforce, including their respective properties and areas of application.

  • Practical applications: We show how you can use flows in real business environments to automate processes and increase efficiency.