Dauer 4 Days
Gebühr 3.500€
Format on site
Sprache German

About the training

We not only train you in the basic functions, but also enable you to better understand your Salesforce org. You will learn to explore the many possibilities of Salesforce and make the most of the platform to best meet your individual requirements. In addition, we will enable you to successfully complete the Salesforce Admin certificate upon completion of the training.

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Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Get to know the first basics

We start with a strategic overview of the basics of Salesforce and the platform's user interface.

  • Salesforce Platform: Learn about the platform's comprehensive features and how to use them strategically for business processes.

  • Navigation and customization: Learn how to optimize your daily workflows through custom configuration.

  • Salesforce terminology: Understand the key terms and concepts necessary to work effectively with Salesforce.


Specialization in data management

In the afternoon, we will give you a deep insight into the organization and management of data in Salesforce. Acquire skills to develop customized solutions through custom objects and fields, and learn how to use complex data structures efficiently. Immerse yourself in practical scenarios to consolidate your knowledge and increase the efficiency of your CRM activities.

  • Data structure: Learn the basics of organizing and managing data in Salesforce and how it forms the backbone of your CRM activities.

  • User-defined objects and fields: Develop tailor-made solutions by creating and customizing user-defined objects and fields.

  • Data relationships: Learn how to build and manage relationships between data sets in order to use complex data structures efficiently.

At the end of the day, not only will you have gained a solid understanding of the Salesforce platform, but you will also be well on your way to achieving digital excellence in your organization.


Extended data structures

On the second training day, we will deepen your Salesforce data structure skills together, and you will learn how to design an optimal user experience.

Continue your training with a focused session on the Salesforce data structure. This morning:

  • Record Types: Learn how to create and apply record types to control data processing and viewing.

  • Page templates: Design page layouts for targeted data presentation and user guidance.

  • Multilingual: Implement multilingual support to serve global teams and markets.


Optimize user experience

In the afternoon, you concentrate on User experience to improve. You will work practically with:

  • Lightning pages: Develop customizable Lightning Pages that improve workflow.

  • Applications: Create and manage applications for efficient navigation and task fulfillment.

  • Dynamic forms: Use dynamic forms to enable interactive and user-oriented data entry.

With these in-depth units, we equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to design an effective and personalized Salesforce environment.


Sharing & Visibility

On the third day of the Salesforce Admin Fundamentals Training, we will focus on the core topics of Sharing & Visibility as well as Reporting and Data Quality.

The morning is dedicated to the aspects of data sharing and access rights in Salesforce:

  • Rights and Roles: Define user profiles to set access rights to objects and data fields.

  • Authorizations: Determine and extend who can access which functions.

  • Basics of data usage: Learn the basics of data sharing and how to manage access rights intelligently.


Reports & data quality

In the afternoon, the focus is on analyzing and processing data:

  • Regulation for validation & mandatory fields: Ensure data integrity by creating validation rules and mandatory fields.

  • Reports: Create meaningful reports to visualize data and gain insights.

  • Filter reports: Use report filters to segment relevant data and perform targeted analyses.

This day aims to provide you with the tools and knowledge to master data access control and optimize data quality through smart validations and reporting capabilities.


Reports & dashboards

On the fourth day of the Salesforce Admin Fundamentals training, participants will focus on advanced reporting techniques and effective data management.

The morning begins with an in-depth look at creating and optimizing reports and dashboards:

  • Conditional Formatting: Use conditional formatting to make reports clearer and more meaningful.

  • Dashboard creation: Create interactive dashboards that visualize critical business data.

  • Best practices: Learn best practices for building reports and dashboards to ensure your data is communicated effectively.


Data management

In the afternoon, the focus will be on data management, with a focus on maintenance and quality assurance:

  • Salesforce updates: Learn how to perform and schedule mass data updates to simplify data maintenance.

  • Salesforce Inspector: Familiarize yourself with tools such as the Salesforce Inspector to quickly inspect and edit data.

  • Duplicate rules: Implement duplicate rules to maintain data integrity and ensure the quality of your Salesforce database.

This day will give you the skills to create complex reports and manage data efficiently, which is an important basis for making informed business decisions.

After completing the basic admin training, you will not only have gained a sound understanding of the Salesforce platform, but will also have successfully embarked on the path to digital excellence in your company with Salesfive.