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About the training

Expand your skills with Salesfive's Advanced Salesforce Administrator Training - also customizable on demand in your own Salesforce org. This training is ideal for administrators with basic knowledge and focuses on personalization, automation and data management to develop you into a Salesforce expert.

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Day 1
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Deepening into the Salesforce data structure

On the first day of the Salesforce Administrator Advanced Training, participants will deepen their knowledge of the Salesforce data structure and optimize the user experience.

Start the day with an advanced look at the Salesforce data structure:

  • Salesforce Terms: learn advanced key terms that are essential to effectively using and managing Salesforce.

  • Custom Objects: Deepen your knowledge of creating and managing custom objects.

  • Fields: Learn how to customize fields in Salesforce to meet specific business needs.


Optimization of the user experience

In the afternoon, the focus is on the User Experience:

  • Page templates & Lightning pages: Create and customize complex page layouts and lightning pages to optimize the user experience.

  • ApplicationsDevelop customized applications that support specific business processes and increase efficiency.

  • Validation rulesImplement advanced validation rules to ensure data quality and integrity.

This first training day enables you to deepen your understanding of the Salesforce platform and prepares you to master challenging tasks and projects more effectively.


Sharing & Visibility

On the second day of the Salesforce Administrator Advanced Training, you will focus on advanced concepts of data sharing and visibility.

The day begins with an intensive focus on the basic elements of data sharing and access control:

  • Profiles: Deepen your understanding of user profiles and how they control access to Salesforce resources.

  • Permission Sets: Learn how to use permission sets to granularly assign specific access rights.

  • Permission set groups: Learn to group permission sets to simplify the management of user permissions.


Sharing & Visibility II

The second part of the day is dedicated to the more complex aspects of visibility and data sharing:

  • Roles and role hierarchyUnderstand the importance of roles and their hierarchies in the organization to efficiently control data access.

  • Release rulesExplore how sharing rules are configured to manage access to records.

  • Global release conceptGain insights into Salesforce's global approval concept, which plays a central role in access control.

This day will strengthen your skills in the areas of access control and data sharing and enable you to manage complex visibility and sharing requirements in Salesforce.


Salesforce Flows Basics

On the morning of the third day of our Salesforce Administrator Advanced Training, we will focus on Salesforce Flows, with hands-on exercises in the Salesforce org. You will learn:

  • Use cases: Discover practical use cases where flows increase efficiency and automation in Salesforce.

  • Flow Basics: Learn the basics of creating and configuring flows in Salesforce.

  • Data Trigger Flow: Learn how to create flows that are triggered by changes to records.


In-depth knowledge of Salesforce Flows

In the afternoon, you will deepen your knowledge with advanced flow concepts:

  • Screen FlowDesign interactive flows with user interfaces to guide users through processes.

  • Planned flowLearn how to plan flows that are executed at fixed times or at regular intervals.

  • Flow Best PracticesGet insights into proven methods and tips to make flows efficient and effective.

This day is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of Salesforce Flows and provide you with the tools to create automated processes and improved user interactions.


Reports & Dashboards

On the fourth day of the Salesforce Administrator Advanced Training, you will focus on advanced reporting techniques and efficient data management.

The day begins with a detailed introduction to creating and managing reports and dashboards:

  • Report Types: Deepen your understanding of different report types and their possible applications.

  • Report folders: Learn how to organize and manage report folders to optimize access and security.

  • Dashboard: Create interactive dashboards that effectively visualize and present key business data.


Advanced knowledge of data management

In the afternoon, the focus is on advanced data management techniques:

  • Updates: Learn how to perform mass updates of data efficiently and securely.

  • Salesforce Inspector: Familiarize yourself with the Salesforce Inspector, a powerful tool for data inspection and editing.

  • Duplicate rules: Develop duplicate detection and handling strategies to ensure data quality and integrity.

This day provides you with in-depth knowledge and skills in dealing with complex data structures and reporting functions that are essential for the advanced administration of Salesforce.