System integration

Salesforce system integration for perfect interaction

We advise you on the options for integrating systems into Salesforce and implementing them directly. With our partner solutions, the entire system landscape is optimally coordinated, even in complex constellations.

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Teamwork of your systems

Smooth digitized processes often require the interaction of different systems. But how are they properly coordinated with each other? How is flawless data exchange guaranteed? And can I be certain that my data will be taken along in its entirety when I switch to Salesforce?

Salesfive has the answer and ensures fluid processes even when using different products and solutions. We create the necessary links between your systems so that they can be used to their full potential. Save the cost of ever-new products and integrate back-office and legacy systems with the Salesforce platform instead.

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Integrate systems with Salesforce

Everything new? Not necessary at all.

A unified system landscape does not require a complete reboot. You just need to know how to bring the alternatives together properly. Our offer includes the integration, synchronization and migration of your existing systems with Salesforce.
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We link Salesforce with your existing systems.

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In order for the different systems to work together properly, automatic synchronization of data is important.

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Salesfive offers a comprehensive analysis of the existing system and develops an individual Salesforce solution.

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Excellent Together

Integration Matters x Salesfive

Integration Matters and Salesfive are now a team! We advise you on all possibilities to integrate systems with Salesforce, to use Salesforce data in internal or external processes, and to realize your digital visions. Together with the experts at Integration Matters (part of the Salesfive group of companies) and our technology partners, we always find the best solution for your current and future integration needs.


SAP connection in Salesforce

Two market leaders, synchronized in real time: Link cloud-based CRM from Salesforce with on-premise ERP software from SAP . Whether selected sub-processes or complete integration, everything is possible. So get the best out of both systems for optimal use and increased productivity. We have collected all the information regarding Salesforce-SAP integration in our guide.

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