Salesforce implementation and consulting

The time is ripe for the digital realignment of your company. The goals are clear, but which cloud solutions will help you achieve them? How does change management succeed in complex company structures?

From start to success, we provide answers. On strategy and CRM selection. On interfaces for current systems and effective training. As part of your team, we shape the digital transformation.

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There is much to be said for implementing Salesforce with Salesfive

We take a close look at your company's situation and determine specific requirements. Only in the next step do we develop a solution and roll it out to the system landscape. In this way, a new digital architecture with Salesforce can be created step by step.

A full-service partner for all tasks

As a certified partner, we know Salesforce and offer a broad portfolio of proven and individual cloud solutions for many business areas: From Customer Relationship Management to Field Sales & Service to Customer Data Management.

Identity-creating change management

Which CRM solution fits the culture in the company? What will change for the employees? Before we introduce changes, we think about their consequences. Because every company is different. And we know from experience that digital transformation can only succeed with the support of the workforce. 

In-depth 360-degree analyses

Before we put CRM solutions on the table, we pause. We listen and ask questions. Preferably in the initial workshop. Define the initial situation. Reveal pitfalls and opportunities. Minimize risks and work out the ideal architecture as a team. From the complete system landscape to the smart individual solution.

In use in a wide range of industries

Many companies work successfully with our Salesforce solutions today

As a full-service provider of multi-cloud solutions, we focus on implementation, consulting and complex change management processes.

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Step by step to the new digital architecture

Reach your goal with scalable implementation and prudent consulting

At the goal of digital transformation, suitable SaaS products should harmonize perfectly in the ideal multi-cloud solution. And all departments should work together in one system. To achieve this, we proceed step by step. Accompanied by the experience of years of cooperation with small, medium and large companies.

Requirements analysis

We follow a plan from the beginning. Organize workshops with stakeholders, form focus groups, identify system requirements. Until we confirm that the needs of all departments are on the table. 


Project planning

We plan projects according to a hybrid approach. Combine classic and agile methods. Develop the digital architecture iteratively to react quickly to new requirements and goals.



In this phase, we implement the identified requirements technically and develop your Salesforce interface. With regular coordination, we stay on course to achieve the agreed goals.


System integration

Cloud modules are only as good as their interfaces. Through integrations, we connect your existing and new systems. In this way, we guarantee a smooth exchange of data. Whether native integration or through the use of middleware - we create your individual system landscape.


Change Management

As soon as the digital infrastructure is in place, change management begins as an accompanying process. The goal is to involve employees right from the start. To this end, we hold training sessions, conduct one-on-one discussions and provide tips.


Rollout and maintenance

Demands on digital architecture grow with every location. We roll them out nationally and internationally. We plan precisely for smooth operation and take care of maintenance and service for as long as necessary.

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