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Salesforce Custom Development

Do you want exactly the Salesforce you need? With Custom Development, applications and functions are flexibly adapted and extended. From visual configurations of the user interface to special automations or customized applications, everything is possible.

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Expand the Salesforce horizon

With Custom Development, we design Salesforce entirely according to your wishes and develop customized individual solutions. This way, recurring processes can be automated, data transfers facilitated and the efficiency of the users increased. The system remains clear and user-friendly.
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Processual development

Sometimes the standard Salesforce solutions are not quite enough. That's precisely when our professional developers are on hand. Custom automations, interfaces to other systems, and custom applications fit perfectly into your existing Salesforce ecosystem.

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Visual development

Want to design Salesforce to your exact requirements on a visual level as well? Customize the platform beyond the default configuration with custom development. From a streamlined user interface to reports and dashboards.

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Web & Application Development

Every company is unique. It may be that there is no suitable solution in Salesforce for a particular internal process. Our experienced developers will create the right application for you based on their many years of experience in a wide range of industries.

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B2B sales very simple

With Custom Development, we developed a special B2B order mask in Salesforce as a web application. This enabled us to network sales, warehouse and ordering and thus completely replace the analog ordering process.

The various products are presented directly via the developed mask. This is also where the customer's order is entered and triggered. The data is automatically transferred to Salesforce and the ERP system.

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Get started right away?

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