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In this guide, you will learn everything about Salesforce Lightning, a further development of the proven CRM system Salesforce.

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Everything important at a glance

  • With Salesforce Lightning, you can take the Salesforce experience for your employees to the next level and be optimally prepared for upcoming technological trends. 

  • With Salesforce Lightning Experience, you have a new graphical user interface that is intuitive to use and, above all, fast. 

  • Compared to the Classic version, Lightning offers over a hundred new features that can be flexibly customized and extended. 

  • Through the use of artificial intelligence and the flexible customization options of the applications, Lightning enables an entirely new customer experience that always puts customers at the center. 

  • Some functions are only available in Salesforce Classic. However, you can easily switch between the two versions after switching to Lightning. 

  • Since there will be no more updates of Salesforce Classic in the future, it is worthwhile, especially for new customers, to start directly with Lightning to be up to date and to take full advantage of all current and future possibilities of the system.

Salesforce Lightning: Introduction

The digital transformation or revolution has been making its way into corporate processes worldwide for several years or decades. It is only logical that the range of software providers is also constantly expanding. Salesforce was founded as a young company shortly before the turn of the millennium. Salesforce was the first company to focus on cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and is now the clear market leader in this area. 

In the current development, Salesforce scores above all with the uncomplicated adaptation to new functions and technologies, as all updates are made available to the users immediately. In the following guide, we present Salesforce Lightning as one of the latest developments of the proven CRM system. 

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning is the latest version of the proven CRM system and takes customer relationship management to the next level with new designs and technologies, a streamlined platform, and a host of new features. The graphical user interface offers intuitive operation, enabling smarter collaboration between departments and a whole new level of productivity. Information is available even more easily and quickly, processes or measures can be automated even better, and customers can always be addressed with individual offers at the right time and in the right place. In particular, the optimized use on mobile devices is proof of the system's contemporary progress. Salesforce Lightning builds on the proven functions of Salesforce Classic and takes the system to the next level with extensive innovations. 

What are the features of Salesforce Lightning?

In addition to the improved user interface, Salesforce Lightning offers users more than a hundred new functions compared to the Classic version - and more with each new update. Individual changes and even the creation of your own apps are possible. This makes it easier than ever to adapt Salesforce perfectly to your needs. 

Below, we present a selection of features of the Lightning version: 

Salesforce Lightning Experience  

Are you ready for the Salesforce Lightning Experience? The new graphical user interface makes it particularly quick and intuitive to use. This means you can easily access all applications and features and quickly find your way between the many options. 

Lightning App Builder  

In addition to an extensive ecosystem of various tools that you can choose from as needed, the App Builder offers the possibility to easily customize applications or even create your own apps using drag & drop functions. In this way, they can be designed precisely according to your requirements. This saves time in the long run and bundles the workflow even better. 

Component Framework   

With useful extensions and tools, you can create your own web components here, such as single pages, specifically for mobile devices. The helpful feature allows you to quickly develop out-of-the-box components that you can use again and again. 

Field Service Lightning 

Salesforce Field Service Lightning optimizes the deployment of your field service employees. Orders are created directly in the call center, service appointments are coordinated quickly and easily, and time is used effectively for maintenance and repairs on site. 

Go-To Meeting Component  

The GoToMeeting component enables your sales staff to hold a personal customer meeting directly in the CRM system. Convince with uncomplicated contacting, hold video conferences in HD quality or share your screen. 

Einstein Analytics 

Why is analytics better in Salesforce Lightning? Artificial intelligence and comprehensive analytics help you identify trends and make accurate predictions even faster. Use the versatile data analyses to address your customers even more individually. 

Community Builder 

Thanks to this feature, a community can be adapted exactly to the needs of your customers. This allows you to use the full potential of the community and create an all-round convincing interface for customers, employees and partners. 

Salesforce Lightning Scheduler   

With this scheduling tool, the right employee is always in the right place at the right time. In this way, the demands of customers can be optimally met, and all appointments can be perfectly prepared and personalized. With it, you will improve the productivity and the results of your team. 

Salesforce Lightning vs. Classic

Is new automatically better? Many users are perfectly happy with Salesforce Classic and may wonder why they should go to the trouble of switching to Lightning. But how costly is the switch really? How do the costs differ? And for which users is Lightning worthwhile in any case? 

In the following, we would like to introduce you to the two versions with their differences and advantages in a little more detail. 

The differences  

Even though Salesforce Classic already enables very individual, easily modifiable use and reliable results, the design in particular no longer meets today's requirements. In addition, the applications do not work easily on mobile devices. While Lightning was initially incompatible with custom applications fresh after launch, these are now supported without exception, so that existing processes can be transferred easily. Although some features from Salesforce Classic are no longer available in Lightning, you should carefully consider how important these features really are for your purposes. It is also possible to switch back to Classic mode for the applications in question, even after the switch to Lightning. 

Here are a few differences between the two versions: 

  • Salesforce Classic offers a solid and proven system that has been continuously improved over the years. 

  • Lightning creates a better workflow with its intuitive interface and customizable features. 

  • The costs for the two versions do not differ. 

  • Unlike Classic, Lightning offers all applications for all mobile devices. 

  • Recent updates and future features will be available exclusively in Salesforce Lightning. 

  • The customizable tools in Lightning enable even faster and more personalized customer contact. 

  • Quick actions can be used to speed up data entry in Lightning, which saves a lot of time. 

  • In data protection, Lightning offers a disproportionately higher level of security. 

Advantages & Disadvantages  

We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning in a table. 



Calendar, Appointments & Tasks 



Collaborative forecasts 



Integrated e-mail 



Einstein Analytics 



Einstein Search



App Builder 



Advanced forecasts 



Modern surface 



News & Notes 



Recent updates 



Flexible layouts 



Optimized for mobile devices 



SOS Customer Service 



Follow-up reports 



Visual force components 



When is what recommended?

If you are already successfully using Salesforce Classic, are satisfied with the applications and do not miss any additional functions, you can continue to work with the old version. Of course, this saves you the effort of switching to the new system and your employees do not have to familiarize themselves with the new functions. However, you should keep in mind that all new features and updates will only be developed for Lightning. In addition, almost all Classic applications can be transferred to Lightning without any problems. 

If you have not yet integrated a cloud-based CRM system and are thinking about a new implementation, it is definitely advisable to get started directly with Salesforce Lightning and thus benefit from the latest state of development. Since the current and upcoming innovations of the system will be available exclusively for Lightning, the Classic version will no longer be developed further and will therefore inevitably become obsolete at some point. In the case of a primarily mobile application, Salesforce Lightning is unquestionably the better choice. 

Why Salesforce Lightning?

With Salesforce Lightning, you get a state-of-the-art CRM system that uses the latest technologies and extensive features to create an optimal workflow, make data available quickly and easily, and thus enable maximum productivity for your employees in marketing, sales, and service. A successful path to digitization can only be achieved with confidence in new developments. Move with the times instead of being left behind by your competitors in the market. 

Even if Salesforce Classic and Lightning can be used simultaneously, and your employees can therefore switch flexibly between the two versions, an upgrade to Lightning is recommended in most cases. As already described, Classic will not receive any further updates and innovations and is to be regarded as a discontinued model in the long term. Accordingly, users should consider switching to Lightning as early as possible.

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