Two Salesforce trends in synergy: Data Cloud & Salesforce AI

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Learn how Salesforce Data Cloud and Salesforce's AI capabilities can help your business make the most of data, automate business processes and create personalized customer experiences.

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Einstein AI and Salesforce Data Cloud are on everyone's lips and the use of data for decision-making and the use of AI have become an integral part of today's business world. But what exactly does this mean and how can Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein AI be used together? In this article, we answer this question using an application example for the areas of sales, service and marketing. Before that, we will briefly explain what the Salesforce Data Cloud is and which AI functions are possible in Salesforce.

What is the Data Cloud?

The Data Cloud is the new centerpiece of the data infrastructure in Salesforce. It provides a secure and scalable storage location for large volumes of customer data and also enables the integration and harmonization of data from different sources.

Simply explained: Imagine that customer information is like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle scattered around your company. The Data Cloud is like an intelligent helper that collects these puzzle pieces, puts them together and presents you with an overall picture.

The Data Cloud:

  • Connects to your data sources: It integrates data from various sources (e.g. all Salesforce clouds or external sources such as AWS, Google Cloud, Azure) using native interfaces or MuleSoft connectors.

  • Harmonizes your data: It brings your data into a standardized form and creates a uniform and consistent database by eliminating inconsistencies and redundancies.

  • It enables you to act on the basis of data: Based on the analyses and findings of the data, you can orchestrate personalized and targeted campaigns. In addition, sales strategies can be optimized based on this data. Customer service also benefits by using this information to make faster and more accurate decisions.

In summary, the Data Cloud is a powerful tool that enables companies to better understand and use their customer data.

What is AI in Salesforce and what functions are available?

Artificial intelligence (AI) in Salesforce is mainly represented by the Einstein AI platform. This integrated AI technology makes Salesforce solutions intelligent and data-driven to help companies make more efficient and effective business decisions. Einstein AI uses machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing to enable various functions within the Salesforce platform.

Predictive analytics

Einstein AI analyzes historical data to predict future trends and behavior patterns.

Lead scoring and forecasts

With Einstein Lead Scoring, the AI evaluates potential customers (leads) based on their likelihood to buy.

Personalized recommendations

Einstein AI analyses customer behavior and preferences to generate personalized product or service recommendations.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

This technology makes it possible to understand and process text data in order to generate automatic responses to customer inquiries or analyze customer conversations.

Image Recognition

Einstein Vision recognizes and analyses images, which can be used in various areas such as product identification or quality control.

Einstein Bots

These intelligent chatbots answer and support customer queries automatically, which improves and relieves the burden on customer service.

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Use case: AI & Data Cloud for marketing, sales and service

Initial situation: A company wants to make marketing campaigns more effective, improve customer loyalty and optimize the sales process. The marketing team is faced with the challenge of precisely segmenting target groups and creating personalized content. The sales team is struggling to identify promising leads. The service team needs support with proactive customer care.

Solution: The combination of Salesforce Data Cloud with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud as well as various Einstein AI functions offers a comprehensive solution. This makes it possible to implement automated segmentation, campaign, sales and service strategies. The Data Cloud integrates and harmonizes data from various sources. Einstein AI capabilities use natural language processing, predictive analytics and automated insights to support informed business decisions.

The solution for the marketing team: Data Cloud, AI & Marketing Cloud

Einstein Copilot: Generation of campaign content

The Einstein Copilot helps the marketing team to generate campaign content and messages that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of each customer segment. Using natural language commands, marketers can easily ask complex data queries and receive relevant answers immediately. This enables quick adaptation and optimization of marketing campaigns.

Einstein Analytics: Real-time monitoring

Einstein Analytics creates interactive dashboards and reports that allow the marketing team to monitor the performance of their campaigns in real time. The visualization of campaign metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates and ROI helps to make informed decisions and improve the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

Data Cloud & Einstein: Targeted segmentation

With AI-supported functions, Salesforce Data Cloud automates customer segmentation and thus enables a targeted approach. Einstein Analytics and Einstein Discovery provide tools for data analysis and pattern recognition. This allows you to create targeted, personalized marketing campaigns.

Use of AI & Data Cloud in combination for sales

With Einstein Lead Scoring, the sales team can prioritize leads based on their propensity to buy. This allows sales reps to focus on the most promising leads and make their sales efforts more efficient. Another useful tool is Einstein Opportunity Insights. It provides insights into the likelihood of a deal being closed and gives recommendations to improve sales strategies. For example, it could advise the sales team to schedule additional meetings with specific leads or use specific sales pitches. In addition, Einstein Account Insights helps monitor the health of customer relationships. Account managers can identify risks at an early stage and take proactive measures to improve customer retention. Insights into customer satisfaction and loyalty help to provide personalized support.

Summary of functions:

  • Einstein Lead Scoring: Prioritizes leads according to readiness to buy.

  • Einstein Opportunity Insights: Improves sales strategies through insights.

  • Einstein Account Insights: Monitors customer relationships and recognizes risks.

Data Cloud, AI & Service Cloud: use in the service team

Einstein Automated Insights: Proactive Service

The tool automatically generates insights from customer data to identify service needs and potential problems at an early stage. This enables the service team to respond proactively to customer inquiries and solve problems before they escalate.

Einstein Copilot: The right hand in service

Einstein Copilot supports service staff with intuitive queries and the automatic provision of relevant information and solutions. Routine tasks are automated, allowing the team to focus on more complex customer issues.

Einstein Analytics: Interactive dashboards & predictions

Einstein Analytics provides interactive dashboards that help the service team monitor customer service performance and efficiency. By analyzing service metrics such as processing times, customer satisfaction and case resolution rates, opportunities for improvement can be continuously identified and implemented.

The advantages summarized for you

You have now read how the Salesforce Data Cloud can be used in combination with the AI functions in the various departments. Finally, we will show you the individual benefits you can expect:

Marketing team (Marketing Cloud):

  • Increased engagement rates: By targeting and personalizing campaign content based on the specific needs and interests of customers.

  • Efficient use of resources: Automated segmentation and campaign creation save time and resources.

  • Increase in conversion rate and sales: Through effective campaigns based on sound data analysis and predictive insights.

  • Competitive advantage: Innovative and data-driven marketing that exceeds customer expectations.

Sales team (Sales Cloud):

  • Higher completion rates: Through targeted prioritization of leads and sales opportunities based on predictive analyses.

  • Improved customer loyalty: Proactive measures to maintain customer relationships and avoid churn.

  • Efficient sales strategies: Use of AI-driven insights to optimize sales processes.

  • Productivity increase: Automated tasks and insights allow sales teams to focus on value-adding activities.

Service team (Service Cloud):

  • Higher customer satisfaction: Fast and accurate resolution of customer queries through predictive analytics and automated insights.

  • Proactive customer care: Early detection of service requirements and potential problems before they escalate.

  • Efficient service processes: Automation of routine tasks and improvement of efficiency in customer service.

Conclusion: The integration of the Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein's AI functionalities into the various clouds optimizes a company's marketing, sales and service strategies. This leads to stronger customer loyalty, more efficient use of resources and higher sales. Salesforce thus offers a comprehensive solution to make companies more successful and competitive.

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