Where is CRM used? These are the areas of application

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Where is CRM used & what are the areas of application? We show you the most different industries & why a CRM system is advantageous.

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A CRM system can be used differently in each industry and must also be adapted to the specific industry challenges during implementation. We show you examples of the different areas of application. 

Application area

Possible use cases

Manufacturing Industry 

Improved service and products through networking of service and sales staff and direct access to all customer and machine information 

Automotive industry 

Collaboration of all members of the value chain (partners, dealers, car banks, etc.) on a central platform 

Service staff can call up all customer-relevant data on site through mobile networking and use it for service performance 

Finances & Insurances 

Mapping of lending and standard processes in one system and central storage of documents 

Traceability of decisions 

Manage all customer data and associated funds and accounts 

Consumer Goods Industry 

Integrated, intelligent and personalized brand experiences 

Strengthening the brand's relationship with customers, consumers, employees and partners 


Central system for customer data 

Knowyourcustomer - Improving customer engagement by personalizing the shopping experience. 

Identify loyal customers 


Bundling of patient data in a digital medical record 

Linking of results in a unified system ensures acceleration of treatment and information transfer. 

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