Why the cloud is worth it for you

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If you are interested in cloud software, you can expect many advantages. In the following blog post you will learn more about the five most important reasons that speak for the cloud or for cloud software.

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When it comes to software-as-a-service (SaaS) as a licensing and sales model, a whole host of new terms come up that are not so easy to understand at first.

Software applications that are offered as a service via the Internet are initially referred to as Cloud software. On the other hand, there are on-premise solutions, which are installed on the company's own server.

We present our 5 favorite cloud reasons.

1. Responsibility for IT infrastructure lies with the cloud computing provider

First things first: Probably one of the most important advantages of the cloud is that the cloud computing provider is responsible for hosting, the entire IT infrastructure, and maintenance and security. This saves you an enormous amount of time, especially when it comes to implementing the software.

2. The cost factor

If you decide to use cloud software, you (in most cases) do not have to make any further investments in the infrastructure. Updates and further development are often included with cloud software providers. Here you rent the service of your respective provider. In addition, there are no or only very low costs for IT personnel.

3. Data security guaranteed

That's the beauty of the cloud. Should the system ever break down, not everything is lost. The provider takes care of the security of your data and the performance of regular backups. So, you can sit back and concentrate on your tasks.

4. Access anywhere and at any time

Cloud users or cloud software users can access the software regardless of location and from any Internet-enabled device. With your smartphone, you can log in via the mobile app whenever you want. This keeps you flexible and agile. Especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic and with steadily growing numbers of people working from home, this advantage is a big plus.

5. The scalability

The last advantage of cloud-based software applications that we would like to point out here (because these were far from all) is scalability. Additional users and/or applications can be added easily and in a very short time. Customization of storage space, computing power, specific functionality - all no problems, thanks to the scalability of the cloud.A detailed overview of the cloud and on Cloud CRM systems vs. on-premise solutions can be found in our guide. Here, terms are explained and the advantages and disadvantages of both options are shown.

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