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Want to hit the ground running with online and offline events, but don't know how? Find out here! 

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Having trouble marketing your webinars? The registrations are keeping within limits? The manual workload is just too much? We know event marketing isn't always easy. But the benefits can be enormous if you prepare and follow up on your events appropriately. But before we get to solutions, we'd like to briefly introduce you to the top five challenges in event marketing. 

1. Scarce Resources

Probably one of the most difficult challenges with events is resources. Foremost, it's about somehow "squeezing" the planning into the calendars of employees who are already busy. This is already the first problem. Without an appropriate tool, the manual workload of webinars is simply unmanageable. Success can only be guaranteed if time is taken to plan the event and the customer journey, test runs, follow-up and evaluation. It takes several people from marketing, sales and perhaps service, depending on the industry you're in. In addition, budgeting is an issue. Especially for offline events like trade shows, there needs to be budget for booths and merchandising items. This is less of an issue for online events like webinars. But you should also keep an eye on the staff:in resources that are spent on this and not increase immeasurably.  

2. Too few Registrations

The highest quality event with the best content will not be successful if the participants do not show up. The effort to acquire people via your personal network is great and far too time-consuming to do this on the side. Once you have generated participants, the next challenge is to not overuse them. You can send reminder emails via newsletter marketing. But for this, you need the appropriate tools and automation, otherwise your manual effort will quickly become unmanageable.  

3. Offline or Online?

The pandemic has shown us how good and successful online events can be. Companies still do plenty of webinar marketing, and countless new events are placed on various channels every day. Webinars have virtually no downside if the resources and technical equipment are right. They can also be used as an additional marketing asset beyond the event. What still prevents many people from going into planning with their first webinar is the presumed high employment time behind it. Download our white paper at the end of the article to learn why this assumption is wrong.   

But you should not lose sight of offline events either. The trade fair season is coming up, and that means preparations should have already begun.  

4. After the Event: What Now?

Potential customers have registered for your event and also participated - great! But the work is not done yet. A major challenge is not to be forgotten after an event. This is especially true for online events, where participants leave the virtual room with a single click. You should send the participants appropriate documents after the event and continue to communicate with them. After all, the goal is to turn a lead into an MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) and, in the best case, into a customer. You ask yourself, how? We can already tell you this much: You don't have to send an e-mail to each participant individually afterward. This can also be done automatically - at the time you want and to the appropriate list of people.  

5. ROI - How do I evaluate? 

After the event, your superiors will want to know how successful it was. But this cannot be measured only in terms of participant numbers. More in-depth reporting is needed to see how potential customers the participants are and how they can be further qualified. You also want to know, for example, how good the open rate of your e-mails is, how many people actually downloaded your documents after the event, or how many of the registered people ultimately attended. Don't worry! Manual counting of Excel lists and complicated creation of your own reports are improper here. One thing is clear: All these questions cannot be answered without the appropriate tools.   


This brings us to our conclusion. Successful offline and online event marketing simply cannot be implemented without B2B marketing automation tools. So, eventually, you will have to deal with the selection of a tool. Because this effort cannot be mastered manually. We will support you! You are welcome to contact us at any time.  

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