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With Salesforce's Supplier Relationship Management, you can give your suppliers the security they deserve. Read our article to find out exactly how!

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Short and sweet

In our webinar on 23.03.2021, we were able to show how you can secure long-term customer and supplier loyalty with seamless services - or in short: Supplier Relationship Management with Salesforce. 

Especially during the crisis, it is enormously important to maintain contact with all players in your company - whether customers, partners or suppliers. Strengthening business relationships can and must be maintained and perfected even during the pandemic. 

The Experience Cloud - or formerly known as the Community Cloud - has various functions that pursue precisely this goal. 

With the best practice example of our customer BarthHaas, the world's leading supplier of hop products and hop-related services, the participants were able to learn about these functions with a live demo in the system and ask questions afterward. 

BarthHaas already handles large parts of its supplier management via Salesforce's Experience Cloud. The next steps planned include expanding the community for all European suppliers and introducing self-service offerings for growers/hop farmers to reduce the workload of back-office staff. But already, the Experience Cloud offers tremendous benefits for the company, which we presented to you in our webinar. We have summarized the most important insights for you once again: 

#1 All data, documents, information for the supplier can be viewed in one place 

 In your supplier community, all data, such as contract data, news and documents, are centrally available with a 360° view. Community users can manage their master data themselves without having to call on the support of the community operator. In addition, they can view the progress of their own tickets and tasks at any time.

Reports, Ticket System, Account Management & more - united in one place.

#2 Customization in the community easier than ever - personalized & individualized 

The mechanisms for customizing a community are intuitive and simple. IT no longer needs to be consulted for personalization and customization. And you save valuable time because of the simplicity. 

#3 You determine who has access: Registrations and more 

You determine who has access to the respective portal. Your partners/customers/suppliers fill out a registration form in the portal at the beginning. The relevant responsible persons are automatically notified and can, if desired, release the request. Once this has been done, the partner/customer/supplier is also notified. 

 #4 Make life easy for your suppliers - with the right information and forms 

Under the heading "Information and Forms", BarthHaas provides its growers with all the important sources that make their lives even easier - such as the "Contribution Margin Calculator". Every conceivable form and piece of information you want to provide to your stakeholders can be made available in the Experience Cloud. 

#5 Mobile Publisher: Reachable on the go with the app 

Access to your communities is also possible on the smartphone! With the Mobile Publisher, the Experience Cloud is mapped via app. The app itself bears the design and name of your company - BarthHaas already has such an app for its planters. This allows both parties to interact with each other, issue authorizations and request access, regardless of location. 

We would like to thank BarthHaas once again for the cooperation and the successful webinar, as well as all participants! Would you also like to provide your suppliers with a portal and thus maintain the business relationship even better? Please send us a Request with your request. 

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