Salesforce Winter 22 Release - our highlights

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Curious about what new features Salesforce has in store for Winter '22? We'll tell you - read it now!

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Short and sweet

Summer is only sparsely visible this year. Maintaining the current temperatures, we feel more in a winter mood than a summer mood. Do you feel the same? Then the Salesforce Winter '22 Release yes as called. It's that time again: the new release is just around the corner, and we can't wait to try out the new features! As always, the exact release date depends on your Salesforce instance. But the most important release weekends are the following:

September 11, October 2, and October 9. 

Now let's get to the features. Our consultants and developers have taken a closer look at them. These are our six favorites:

#1 Flow Updates - en masse!

A full eight Flow updates come with the new Salesforce release note. Among other Salesforce Flow enhancements, a flow triggered by a record can now launch other flows via subflow elements. Without requiring code, flows triggered by records can access external systems via flow paths that execute asynchronously. 

Our favorite among the flow updates: Record-triggered flows 

Setting up the record-triggered Flow Start element was previously a multistep process. Now these steps have been combined into one and further improved. The Object and Trigger sections are now on a single page that appears when you create the flow. You can find more here. 

#2 Flow Orchestrator (Beta) - no code needed, just clicks!

With Flow Orchestrator, the new release lets you create sophisticated business processes involving multiple people across multiple stages with multiple flows. Flow Orchestrator gives you the ability to automate complex processes without writing code. 

This means you can link different workflows and approval processes together and determine whether the steps need to be performed sequentially or together. Read here more about the new feature. 

#3 Online Editing in Reports - small update with big impact!

This feature allows you to update fields on the report page with advanced inline editing. This feature seems rather unimpressive against other new features. But watch out: The feature is now out of beta. Meanwhile, you also can edit date, pick list and lookup fields. For example, sales reps can update the status of opportunities directly in their pipeline reports. Previously, inline editing was only available for text and numeric fields. Learn more here

#4 Now include images in Rich Text Fields in Lightning App Builder!

Rich Text Fields are a great way to highlight information to users on a Lightning page using standard components. Previously, images could only be added via a custom Lightning component. This update gives admins the ability to add their own images. 

Increase the usability of rich text components on your Lightning pages by adding images.

#5 New homepage for all Salesforce Mobile users!

The new Mobile Home feature, which was previously in beta, is now generally available for Android and iOS users. Mobile Home is a landing page that your end users can personalize with the content that matters most to them. As an admin:in, you can add Mobile Home to any Lightning app enabled from the phone or to the Mobile Devices Only navigation, just as you can customize any other navigation tab. Learn more about the update here

#6 Email Template Builder Updates - some of our favorites!

The Email Template Builder has received a number of important updates in recent releases that enable admins and users to create and send engaging emails to customers. In the Winter '22 releases, Salesforce has announced several updates to the Email Template Builder. 

Among others, the following are included:  

  • Adding rows and columns to your email templates 

  • Add column padding 

  • Adding Indentations to Email Templates 

  • Create longer subject lines 

Here you will find all the information about the feature. Need help with your Salesforce implementation or want to gain a better understanding of Salesforce release features? At Salesfive, we're here to help. Click here to go to our Contact form .

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