Salesforce Winter 20 Release

Just in time for the start of the cold season, Salesforce presented the new Winter '20 release. Find out everything about our highlights here!

Everything you need to know!

As a Salesforce partner, we were informed in advance about all the important changes and features. Our consultants, developers and architects have extensively tested all new features and we are thrilled! Many small changes, complete novelties and adjustments that were long awaited are finally live - these are our favorites:

1. Lightning experience for all users!

While this is not necessarily a new feature, we feel it is very important to mention that Lightning is now unlocked for all orgs. The switch is part of Salesforce's strategy to ensure an easy transition for all customers. We encourage all customers to use Lightning and are excited that it is now available to all orgs!

2. Access the recycle bin in Lightning quickly!

The cumbersome switching to the Classic view to get to the Recycle Bin is now history! You can now view, restore and permanently delete the items in your Trash and Org Trash - all without the hassle of switching back and forth.

3. Stay up to date in the list view with topic filters

Using topic filters, you can now organize records by topic. Keep track with the new filter feature and view your lists in an organized and clear way. The new feature for more utilization of topics is also known as "tagging" in Salesforce.

4. Contact your customers now also via WhatsApp and WeChat (Pilot)

One requirement that comes up in many conversations with our customers is integration with WhatsApp. In the Salesforce Winter'20 release, the pilot program for WhatsApp & WeChat will be launched. This will give customer service representatives the opportunity to engage with customers even better via these modern platforms.

5. Count unique values in report results (beta)

An age-old problem in Salesforce was the lack of a way to count the number of unique values in a report. Imagine you want to count the number of accounts mentioned in a report, but each account had multiple opportunities? To fulfill this requirement, you had to use the legendary "Power of One", but not anymore! Starting from the winter release, the function is innovatively built into reports.

6. Send surveys from the process builder

With the winter release, Salesforce further developed its own survey product. In this version, admins have the possibility to send surveys with a simple action from the Process Builder - easy and uncomplicated.

7. Start flows automatically, thanks to the schedule function

Flows become more powerful with each new release and become the ultimate tool for admins to solve complex business problems. Now you can also run flows by schedule and not just from interaction with records.

8. Launch the Mobile App Launcher now also in the Lightning Experience app.

The App Launcher has now landed on mobile. You can switch between all your favorite Lightning apps, just like on the Lightning Experience desktop.

9. Improve forecasting with Sales Cloud Einstein

Forecast results at shorter intervals and with greater accuracy. Now you can forecast sales organization performance on a quarterly basis with Einstein Forecasting. 

10. Add signatures to email templates

The new {{Sender.Signature}}}} merge field allows email template creators to include a sender's existing signature in an email template. The field is available wherever the merge field picker is present, including in emails, list emails, and extended letterheads.

We are excited about all the new features and look forward to introducing them to all of our customers.

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