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Communicate with your customers via the world's largest messenger - WhatsApp!

Service Messaging with Salesforce & WhatsApp

With the new Salesforce Spring '20 Release, Salesforce also offers WhatsApp as a channel for customers to communicate with their support centers at home or abroad. This is made possible via Service Cloud Messaging with Einstein Bots for WhatsApp.

Third-party solutions for using WhatsApp in service are now history! With Service Cloud, now make it easier than ever for your customers to connect with your business through the various channels they use in their daily lives, such as SMS, Messenger and now WhatsApp. Provide predefined answers to common customer questions and improve and automate the customer experience with Einstein Bots.

With the Salesforce WhatsApp solution, you can communicate with your customers through customer-initiated conversations that require a response from an agent within 24 hours, for example, or through business-initiated predefined notifications. When a customer starts a conversation with your business on WhatsApp, they are immediately greeted by the Einstein Bot or a live agent. If the customer's needs become more complex, there is a seamless handover from the Einstein Bot to an employee who responds to them via their service console.


The features and benefits at a glance:

  • Improved customer communication with service representatives via customers' preferred channel: WhatsApp

  • Artificial Intelligence and Automation of WhatsApp Conversation via Einstein Bots

  • Complete customer overview across all channels on the Salesforce platform

  • Increase employee productivity through a synchrony and automation of customer communications

The nature of digital communication is in a constant state of flux. Stay current with WhatsApp for Salesforce. Scale and automate your service, make it intelligent, and get a complete view of your customers on the Salesforce platform - across all channels.

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