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Short and sweet

It's still pretty cold outside, but Salesforce is already bringing on the spring fever with its Spring 2023 release! We have gone through the various areas for you - our experts have summarized the most important features for you.   

These are the release weekends:  

  1. January 13, 2023  

  2. February 03, 2023 

  3. February 10, 2023  

And here they are - our seven favorites:

Your very own forecasts page 

With Lightning App Builder, you can now create custom prediction pages. When designing, you can choose between standard and custom components, and even create and assign multiple layouts for different users. Good reasons to finally use the underutilized feature of predictions more often!  

2. Dynamic forms for leads & cases

Finally! Until now, dynamic forms were only available for leads, but with the Spring release, Salesforce's Dynamic Forms team is also bringing out dynamic forms for cases. How. Simply open a Case or Lead record page in the Lightning app builder, then drag and drop the fields into the desired field section. Make it even easier for yourself and automate the process!

3. innovations in reports and dashboards

There are some exciting new features in Salesforce's reports and dashboards. We've picked out our favorites for you:

  • Personalized report fields  

Very handy: personalized report fields. You can think of this feature as creating a new dashboard. The only difference: the dashboard is customized to the view of the logged-in user -individual and personalized.  

Dynamic report fields can now be created based on the logged-in user. This way, he/she will only see the records that are relevant to him/her.  

  • Subscribe to more reports and dashboards 

For all those who use the Unlimited Edition: You can subscribe to up to 15 reports and dashboards with the new release - not seven as before.  

It is also now possible to create custom report types. This allows you to see which reports, dashboards or other analytical assets users have subscribed to. Added benefit: You stay up to date on dashboard and report subscriptions.  

  • Collections against the disorder  

Organize your reports and dashboards by creating collections. Even if they are in different folders, your reports and dashboards can now be sorted. You can pin the created collections to your home page and share them with others.

4. A new user interface

The Activity Timeline has received a new user interface with the Spring Release. Now activities can be planned and tracked even better. Important to know: These changes may also affect PDF Butler.  

5. Complex deals made easy: with opportunity product splits (pilot)

Salesforce understands that a company's success depends on team performance. That's why they created "splits." A way to track performance of multiple team members and also split it. Previously, splits were done at the opportunity level. But now there is the possibility to do splits at product level - first as a pilot project.  

7. Display all dynamic related lists

Salesforce launched dynamic related lists in 2022. Now the software giant is taking it a step further: all records will be displayed in a related list with the update. The dynamic related lists have now been given a "View All" link that allows users: inside to navigate to the full list of related records. 

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