Salesforce Spring 20 Release

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Good news and many new features! There's no better way to start spring - read our article to find out everything you need to know about the Salesforce Spring Release 2020.

Our highlights of the Salesforce Spring 2020 release

First, some happy news for all developers: Salesforce has increased API limits! The default daily allocation of API requests has been increased from 15,000 to 100,000. This change allows for a higher number of API calls without exceeding your allowance.

And now for the features!

1. Efficient division of labor by assigning tasks to queues.

Especially welcome for sales administrators is a new feature that will make it possible to assign tasks to queues. With Spring Release 2020, sales reps will be able to assign tasks to multiple users using queues. This allows teams to better manage and organize their workload without having to explicitly assign tasks to individuals. For details on the new feature, see here.

2. Cloning with dependent objects (DeepClone)

Clone with related records makes it easier to manage a variety of repetitive business processes. With the Spring release, you can add all related records of the original record to the cloned records. This way, when records are cloned, the corresponding related records are also copied. For example, the DeepClone action can be used to copy an opportunity with its products. This way you avoid a lot of configuration and code. This feature is only available for selected objects. Read here more about cloning with linked records.

3. Customer support with WhatsApp

Third-party solutions for the use of WhatsApp in service are now history! Because Salesforce now also offers WhatsApp as a channel through which customers can communicate with their support centers at home or abroad. In addition, companies can send predefined messages to their customers via WhatsApp, such as appointment updates. For more information about the new feature here.

4. Talk to Salesforce like Alexa - the Einstein Voice Assistant

Einstein Voice is now available as a beta feature. With this feature, users can make updates to Salesforce, such as creating contacts and opportunities or logging events via voice input. Build custom voice experiences with simple clicks (not code!) and generate even more high-quality Salesforce data this way. For more details on what's new in Einstein, click here.

5. Filter reports with field-to-field filters (beta).

Filter a report by using field-to-field filters to compare the values of two different report fields. For example, see which cases were modified after the close date by filtering for cases with a last modified date after the close date. Read here how to add and use the new field filters. 

6. URL hacking is back

URL hacking from Salesforce Classic, which was disabled in Lightning, is back in a new version with the new Spring release. Create navigation links in your components that pre-populate the creation page of a record with default field values. Speed up data entry, improve data consistency, and ease the record creation process. See here how the feature is used.

7. In-App guidance improvements

The new in-app guidance allows you to create thoughtful training, onboarding, and announcement processes directly in Salesforce. With the new version, users have the ability to insert a video directly into the pop-up prompt, specify the profile, and make other customizations. For more information on in-app guidance, click here.

8. Focus on the right deals - with Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Use AI and machine learning to score your opportunities based on likelihood to close - this previously paid feature is now available for free to all Sales Cloud users. You can find the Opportunity Scoring Release Note here.

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