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Salesforce & Slack: The new dream team. Learn all about Slack & Salesforce as digital headquarters tools for different departments and industries.

The Power Duo

On September 21, 2021, the latest features and capabilities of Slack were presented at Dreamforce. In focus: Slack & Salesforce as tools for the digital headquarters for different departments and industries. As a Salesforce partner, we have been using Slack including Salesforce integration for internal communication since the beginning and have already introduced this combination to numerous customers. Today, we present the innovations and show you from our best practice experiences how Slack and Salesforce work together.


First, we'd like to talk about Salesforce & Slack's vision: Digital HQ.

With the pandemic, companies around the world had to adapt their structures and employees their working methods. An upheaval in the working world followed. Bret Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer of Salesforce, explained this perfectly in a quote:

"Our Mindset about work has shifted from a place you go, to something you do."

"Our attitude toward work has changed from a place you go to something you do.

And Salesforce & Slack support this change by connecting all employees, customers, and partners to a "work-from-anywhere" culture. With this dream team, companies can collaborate better and grow faster in their digital HQ.


Before we present our best practice applications, we would like to introduce the new features:


Slack Clips:

  • Easily and quickly reply to messages or threads with videos. This feature is meant to be an alternative to virtual meetings, allowing for faster communication.

Voice recordings:

  • No time to type a long text? No problem, just send your customers or colleagues a voice message!

Zoom Integration:

  • Start a Zoom meeting or join a scheduled appointment directly from Salesforce or Slack - including a reminder function.

Slack Connect:

  • This new feature simplifies communication with external partners or customers and allows customers/partners who do not use Slack to easily access the specific channels or messages.

In addition to these functions, the integrations in the various clouds have been optimized and adapted to the specific use cases. Now Sales, Marketing, Service or Commerce can use dedicated applications with Salesforce & Slack. Learn more here.

Our Best Practices

For our customers, we have already carried out various integrations in Slack and Salesforce in order to optimize collaboration with the various systems and with each other.
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Salesforce Sales Cloud x Slack:

  • Slack notification of the receipt of a new lead/prospect via the website

  • Automated notification of the completion of an opportunity

  • Viewing Salesforce information such as an account, record, or contact in Slack with a few clicks

  • The display of a Salesforce report including a link to Salesforce

  • Automatic reminder in Salesforce and Slack

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Google Drive:

  • Share Google Drive files

  • Accept/reject document requests for sharing

  • Create a (shared) Google Spreadsheet, Google Doc or presentation

  • Automated notifications for changes in shared documents (e.g. comments)

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Google Calendar:

  • View meetings in Slack

  • Reminder for meetings

  • Change of Slack status, during a Google meeting

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Jira, Trello & Co:

  • Notification of new tickets or a changed status

  • Create tickets (issues/cards) directly from Slack

  • Share tickets not only via link, but with all information in Slack at a glance


Internal Collaboration:

  • Notification of status changes in Salesforce

  • Notification about tracking times or tasks in Salesforce

  • Notification of employee changes (new, change of level/position or leaving the company)

  • Accept or reject leave requests in Slack ( & Salesforce integration)

Great Potential

Working with Slack has proven itself not only for us internally, but also for our customers. Digital collaboration with employees or external persons is easier than ever with the given functions!

The potential and possibilities of Salesforce & Slack are not yet exhausted and we are excited to see what the future holds.

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