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Your system no longer works the way you want it to? Error emails are flooding your inbox? The acceptance of your users is getting lower and lower? Your org is slow and performing poorly? That just means it's time for a health check. We can help you with that.

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Health Check Identifies the inconsistencies, irregularities and inefficiencies that cause a company's system to stop working productively. A thorough health check helps discover opportunities to increase system efficiency and reduce costs. 

When you start looking for how and possibly with which partner you would like to carry out a Health Check, you will probably first come across the Salesforce Health Check. We would now like to explain to you why this alone is not sufficient and what the difference is between the Salesforce Health Check and a more comprehensive Health Check.

Salesforce Health Check

Salesforce gives you the option to perform a health check in your org yourself. This is a native check. As an admin:in, you can use it to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities in your security settings. All from a single page. A score that Health Check Score, shows you at the end how well your organization performs against a security baseline, such as the Salesforce base standard. You can upload up to five custom bases to use instead of the Salesforce base standard. 

The feature is available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience, in the following editions: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer. 

The following user permissions are required for this:

To view the Health Check and export custom bases:

  • Show integrity check OR

  • Show security center OR

  • Manage Security Center 

To import custom bases:

  • Manage integrity check OR

  • Show security center OR

  • Manage Security Center 

If you are then in Health Check and the check has been performed, the Health Check Score is calculated. This score is calculated using a proprietary formula that determines the extent to which your security settings meet the Salesforce baseline standard or your selected custom baseline. For settings that meet or exceed compliance, the value increases, and for settings that are at risk, the value decreases. 

Four risk categories are available: "High risk", "Medium risk", "Low risk" and "Informative

. The risk categories affect your score, with settings of the "High Risk" type counting the most, settings of the "Low Risk" type counting the least, and settings of the "Medium Risk" type falling appropriately in between. Settings in the "Informative" category are not considered in the integrity check results.  If all settings meet or exceed the standard, your total value is 100%. If, on the other hand, your value is around 50%, this is very bad. 

We would like to emphasize once again that the Salesforce Health Check only looks at the security level of your system and leaves out components such as user acceptance or potential exploitation. Nevertheless, there is no harm in first carrying out the Salesforce Health Check. However, it is by no means a substitute for a more comprehensive health check.  

We now present one such variant - the Salesfive Health Check.

Salesfive Health Check

The Salesfive Health Check is a service for companies and organizations that already use Salesforce but have reached certain pain points in their use of the system. With this, we analyze your org based on certain criteria and dimensions and then calculate a Health Check ScoreThis is used to define measures - both quick wins and identification of development potential - for optimizing the system.  

If you wish, we can also implement them directly for you! 

Our Health Check Score is calculated based on three dimensions within which you answer questions about your system. 


1. Technical system status

Technical challenges and errors cause your system to slow down, automations to stop working, and data quality to deteriorate. Users are increasingly reluctant to use the system because they perceive it as "bad" or "too complex." In addition, security is a major issue. Challenges can range from updates not being installed to a security health check in Salesforce.  

The areas we check for you are: Data quality, automations, system status, security, performance and data archiving. 


2. Usability & User Experience 

This is about how your users use the system and whether they find it easy to navigate the org. Is it cumbersome to get a particular piece of information? Does Salesforce actually take manual work away? Is the added value clear to all users? The problem is usually that the users are dissatisfied due to various problems - often a classic change management issue. 

The following areas are reviewed here: First impression of the system, structure & layout, help for users, fields & related lists, personalization and consistency. 


3. Exploitation of potential 

At this point, potentials are to be uncovered. For example, employees may approach you with ideas on how Salesforce can be used even more efficiently. The background to this is that some users may feel that the system is not being used extensively enough. Such suggestions are worth their weight in gold because they enable you and the system to develop further in the right direction! 

In this section, we take a look at the following topics: Use of standard features, features of other Salesforce licenses, AppExchange and third-party solutions, processes and user enablement.  

Advantages of our Health Check 

With our 360-degree check, we'll get your system back on track!  

These are your advantages at a glance:

Resume turbo for your system

  • Performance increase

  • Uncovering unused potential

  • Optimize work in the system 

  • Increase user acceptance

  • Health Score with concrete recommendations for action

With our Health Score, we show where there is a need for action. At the end, you will receive concrete recommendations and the opportunity to start optimization directly with us and put these recommendations into practice. 

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