Customer communication with Salesforce - the transparent way in times of crisis

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In this article, you will learn everything about how to itself with Salesforce can rely on excellent customer communication - even in times of crisis!

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Customer communication with Salesforce - the transparent way in times of crisis -introduction

How important is current customer communication?

Many companies already place great emphasis on customer communication. But the current economic situation is causing unexpected difficulties: Supply bottlenecks, dependence on risk markets or the shortage of skilled workers are just a few of them. But has this changed anything about the importance of good customer relations for the success of your company? The opposite is the case. Especially in crisis, your customers need a safe and reliable haven where they can get fast, straightforward help. That's why your company should:  

  • Communicate clear and understandable messages 

  • Identify next steps and actions 

  • Regular news to the outside world 

  • Offer constant contact 

  • Digitize processes and thus ensure transparency 

To provide the best basis for your customer communication, you need a CRM system that digitally connects your company and your customers. Salesforce offers you a reliable crisis plan. From customer inquiry, interaction, scheduling, service, acceptance & reporting to looking into the future - Salesforce by Salesfive is with you every step of the way. We don't just help you implement the CRM system into your business, so you can enjoy the associated benefits and honest, transparent communication with your customers. Together, we adapt the systems to your company and accompany you into digitization. 

Tools, such as Marketing Cloud for B2C or Pardot for B2B, offer you the opportunity to target your clientele via email - still the strongest channel when it comes to customer communication, despite social media. This allows you to communicate clear messages and generate new leads. 

Your new customers are not the only ones who will thank you for your constant assistance and fast action through digital sales processes and standardized protocols! Your employees can also increase their productivity through clear structures. All this can be ensured, for example, by the module "Digital visit reports" or the sales template. 

Win loyal customers with efficient, connected service. Through connected, personalized service at every touchpoint, you can offer your existing customers' customer service that will delight them. How exactly? For example, through the communication tool Slack, which you can use primarily for internal purposes. You can also increase your efficiency internally and externally and save yourself long communication channels by using a central and transparent calendar that all your employees can access. 

Curious? If you would like to learn even more about all the Salesforce benefits for your customer communications, click here. Customer communication is an undeniable factor that becomes more secure, digital and efficient for your business thanks to Salesforce implementation

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