How Salesforce gets the most out of your customer communications

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Having trouble communicating with customers? Read on to find out how Salesforce Marketing, in particular, Cloud can make this task easier for you. Read now!

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Honest customer communication is the core of a functioning company. In the current times of COVID-19 and the Ukraine war, companies are facing unscheduled difficulties. But it has the importance of good customer relations for the success of your business changed? Quite the opposite! Salesforce specializes in this fundamental factor and is the world's leading CRM provider and expert in digitizing customer relationships. In this article, you will learn how you can digitize and secure communication with your customers thanks to the Marketing Cloud and Pardot.

Welcome to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud!

Here you get exactly what you want for your company: seamless customer communication. From B2B or B2C marketing, to personalized customer journeys across all channels, tracking of all activities via social networks to individual and target group-specific campaigns. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud gives you all these benefits - digitally and transparently on one platform.

Personalized Customer Journey

The personalized Customer Journey is one of the most effective features that the Marketing Cloud provides you with. Make the right use of your customer information with Customer Journeys:  

  • Send personalized messages to your customers based on previous purchase history behavior 

  • Send automated information and messages to customers based on real-time events. 

  • Communicate seamlessly - across all channels 

  • Link marketing, sales, service and commerce and offer your customers a consistent customer journey. 

  • Always respond proactively to behavioral changes of your customers 

  • Use analytics to increase the efficiency of your marketing activities 

For many companies, a large part of their daily communication is B2B marketing. With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud you can rely on automated marketing activities, more leads and an overview of all your key figures:  

  • Automate the sending of emails and other marketing activities using triggers 

  • Send personalized content to your customers 

  • Create engaging landing pages and increase customer interactions 

  • Manage your webinars and events and capture the interest of your customers 

  • Have an eye on your marketing ROI and measure the impact of your marketing actions on revenue 

  • Track the opportunities in your pipeline 

The needs and wishes of your customers are different. That's why an "one size fits all" mindset is unlikely to benefit you. Personalize your email campaigns with the Marketing Cloud and use specific targeting, persuasive emails and personalized email journeys to your advantage: 

  • Segment your customer groups and send target group-specific content 

  • Automate routine tasks and increase your efficiency 

  • Reach your customers on any device thanks to Responsive Design 

  • Use customizable templates to populate your emails 

  • Optimize your email journeys 

Maintain a personal relationship with all customers.

Pardot / Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

With a huge database of potential customers, you need a personalized and effective message to stand out from the competition. Nurturing and qualifying your leads for sales is equally important. Optimally, this all happens with full visibility into campaign performance to justify your marketing spend. This is where marketing automation comes in: 

Using Salesforce's Pardot tool, your marketing team can reach thousands of prospects as part of your B2B marketing efforts in just seconds - which is essential in our digital world. Complex tasks are completed in the background to update prospect records and support your sales team. With Pardot, you can effectively segment and address your lead personas with a personalized approach.

  • Pardot's core functionalities include: 

    • Lead management and scoring 

    • Lead capture and maintenance 

    • Website Automation 

    • B2B email marketing 

    • Integration with Salesforce CRM 

Automated Marketing Campaigns

Email is still the most important communication channel, as it is the most widespread and accepted of all - especially in the B2B context. But Pardot is more than just an email delivery solution: Pardot supports the automation of marketing campaigns. By tightly integrating Salesforce and Pardot, website visitors can be seamlessly guided through the customer journey from first contact to purchase. Thanks to automated marketing measures, you can better understand the needs of your customers and respond in a targeted manner. 

Because Pardot provides all your potential customers with only relevant content and interactions with your company, it is easy to build a good relationship and transparent trust - a win-win situation for the efficiency of your sales and the satisfaction of your customers. 

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