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In the Manufacturing Industry it is indispensable that the office and field sales teams can work together efficiently, in a regulated and good manner. Every sales manager knows how important it is for both departments to work together.

Short and sweet

Digitization has not only greatly changed our everyday lives, but is also increasingly determining the makeup of modern corporate structures, not least in the manufacturing industry. Companies in the sector face the challenge of fully embracing the digital transformation so as not to be left behind by the competition. But: If in-house and field service go hand in hand, the competition will disappear from the scene quickly. Finding qualified workers is not easy at this point anyway, so you should rather focus on your already existing team and how to make collaboration as easy and at the same time as productive as possible for them. After all, with the same team, you'll achieve more sales and revenue through greater efficiency without having to hire new people.

Challenges between office and field service

Who hasn't experienced it: the sales force complains about the office staff, the office staff complains about the sales force, employees go around in circles with their problems instead of listening to each other and supporting each other. The sales force complains, for example, that quotations are not prepared quickly enough by the office staff, so customers become dissatisfied due to the delay and the lack of information. Other topics of discussion include prices that the sales force "didn't defend enough" and the lack of controllability over the sales force's visits to the customer, à la "Just go out to the customer and have a good time."

Such discussions and blaming other teams/employees get no one anywhere. In the end, you are only occupied with internal dispute resolution because such conflicts escalate regularly.

One of the biggest problems is that the sales force is rarely to be found in the office, as they usually work on site at the customer's premises. Therefore, it is not always easy to keep a good overview of this staff. Tools such as visit reports are then often misused by the office staff to control the colleagues in the follow-up. So, how do you manage these employees well, fully record their activities, and not only ensure good cooperation between office and field staff, but even create a symbiosis between the two teams?

Salesforce Modules: The solution to your problem

The conflict just described is also familiar to us as a Salesforce Consulting and expert in the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry not new. Often, manufacturing companies are desperately looking for a solution to get rid of this problem. We know it's not that simple.

For quite some time, we have been thinking about which tools with which functions are needed to help the internal and external sales force achieve a symbiosis - instead of a control mechanism that makes neither the internal sales force, nor the external sales force, nor the customers happy.

Based on our own experience, we have for this reason Modules developed on top of Salesforce, specifically for the Manufacturing Industry developed and which will help you to quickly solve the problem.

Modules for you

Digital visit reports 

With our visit reports module, the office staff has to report those stop using visit reports as a control tool over field operations. The module offers the possibility of easy planning, documentation and follow-up of field service appointments. The central repository and the ease of use of the reports saves your employees time and long communication channels. After an appointment, your employees can fill out the visit report with one click. Thanks to the mobile app for iOS and Android, the report can be filled out directly on site. In the app you can also View, edit, and share any data with other employees and teams, such as the office staff. Here learn more!

Digital sales process 

Our sales template module even goes one step further! Here you have the possibility, the entire process - from the first contact with the inside sales team, to the handover to key account managers, to all field service visits - to be processed clearly and holistically. All phases in the sales process are listed in a structured manner and are visible to all employees. Furthermore, the sales staff can be supported with precise recommendations for action and release regulations in the individual phases. From the Documentation of customer information, order details and e-mail correspondence are all centrally stored.. Whether you follow a complex, multi-stage process or a simple one: The sales template offers you the perfect basis. Click here and get additional information about the functions of the sales template.

You see: With these two Salesforce modules you can ensure that all the characteristics of good cooperation between the office and the field are met. Communication, transparency and a constant exchange of information and knowledge prevent sales blindness and give your employees exactly the tools they need to increase customer satisfaction and sales more efficiently and, above all, more effectively. Together, to increase.

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