Success Story

Digitalization with Salesforce by Salesfive at Rinder-Union West

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Overview in 30 seconds



  • ERP integration and data transfer to the new system

  • Platform for linking internal and external sales forces

  • Away from analog to the cloud:

  • Digitization for bringing together all data, customers & employees

  • Clear data evaluation


Customer benefits

  • Salesforce CRM system: 360-degree view with access for all departments & locations

  • Competitive advantage: making digital use of your own data & information

  • Increased customer satisfaction: customer advisors always up to date thanks to real-time mapping in the cloud 


About the project

Digitalization from 0 to 100 with the Sales Cloud. Away from data silos to linking, networking, real-time information: The decisive competitive advantage for Rinder-Union West eG.

About the project

Why Salesforce & Salesfive

Rinder-Union West eG is a future-oriented, leading agricultural company in cattle breeding, insemination and breeding cattle marketing. To also be a pioneer in the industry in terms of digitalization, a change in the internal systems had to take place.

To overhaul the legacy system and move to the cloud, they were looking for a partner with expertise in agriculture. They chose Salesfive as an expert:in the industry and Salesforce's flexibly customizable CRM system.

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Salesforce by Salesfive: Our solution

  • Implementation of the Sales Cloud

  • Legacy system replacement & ERP integration: smooth data transfer thanks to APIs

  • Mapping of the customer's purchase history with the various & special products

  • Accounts, Oppourtunities, Cases: Optimizing the Processes of Existing and New Customers

The advantages for Rinder-Union West:

  • Uncomplicated information and data transfer with the Sales Cloud: cornerstone for successful enterprise digitization

  • Exploit potential with cross-business thanks to overview of relationships and purchase histories

  • Bringing diverse product information to the customer: clear & informative

  • Minimize error rate: Data, inquiries, complaints bundled in one system

This is what Heiner Tapken, Rinder-Union West eG, says:

Digitalization gives us a clear competitive advantage. With the processes adapted to our needs, collaboration and transparency across departments and employees has increased significantly. We can now leverage untapped potential from customers and thus better initiate cross-selling or reselling - we are thrilled!

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