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19grams digitized: the success story

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Overview in 30 seconds

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About the project

Maintaining and expanding new and existing customer relationships thanks to automated marketing campaigns - integrated into the customer lifecycle as a lever for increasing sales. 



  • Marketing of the 19gram Advent Calendar 

  • Increase sales and generate brand awareness through marketing automation 

  • Stimulate new customer acquisition in B2B 


Customer benefits

  • Marketing sales promotions such as the Advent calendar and increasing sales thanks to marketing automation 

  • Seamless synchronization of all customer data between marketing and sales systems 

About the project

Why Salesforce & Salesfive

Bringing high-quality coffee closer to end consumers and B2B customers - that is the goal of 19grams. For the roastery, the continuous expansion of the customer base is important to further advance the goal. 

To drive B2B new customer acquisition through sales promotions, such as advertising the Advent calendar, the company decided to use Salesforce Pardot. Salesfive was hired as the Pardot expert for this. Due to the flawless collaboration, we were contracted for further optimization of marketing and sales processes. 

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The result

Salesforce by Salesfive

  • Strategic digitization consulting 

  • Salesforce Pardot customization 

  • Link to website for user and campaign tracking 

  • Connection of Pardot contact forms on the website 

  • Set up different email journeys 

Advantages for 19grams

Marketing automation reduces the effort of manual tasks 

  • Automatic assignment of responsibilities improves internal employee management 

  • Increased engagement of existing and new customers through individualized targeting 

  • Gerrit Peters, Partner, 19grams, says that: 

Initially, we only wanted to use Pardot to increase sales of our Advent calendar. We recognized the potential of the tool for our new customer activation and are continuously expanding the project. Salesfive as a long-term partner supports us in all aspects - both strategically and in the implementation.

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