Success Story

Salesforce as the central customer management system for EDGE

Zwei Frauen stehen am Empfang von einem schönen, moderner Bürogebäude mit viel Raum und vielen Pflanzen

Overview in 30 seconds


About the project

Salesforce as a central address book and customer management system. The Sales Cloud as a bridge to marketing and opener for exciting customer insights.



  • Central address book for customers and business partners with mobile availability

  • Management of all data and projects in one place

  • Consolidation of marketing and sales in one system


Customer Benefits

  • Retrieving customer information in real time and on the move increases sales quality

  • Clear registration and participant lists for events

  • Relationships and network between customers, partners and employees become visible in Salesforce

About the Project

Why Salesforce & Salesfive

With the slogan "The world needs better buildings", EDGE has taken up the challenge of creating sustainable and intelligent office buildings.

EDGE first tested various CRM systems to find the best fit for the company: Salesforce was the best solution. Because the system needed to be customized for the company, EDGE chose Salesfive because of its in-house development team and its understanding of the business.

Eine Vogelperspektive von der Übergangshalle eines modernen Bürogebäudes mit vielen Treppen, Treppeninseln, Brücken und Pflanzen

Salesforce by Salesfive: Our Solution

  • Implementation of the Sales Cloud

  • Siri integration for voice control of the Salesforce app

  • Outlook integration

  • Mailchimp integration

  • New data structure and validation rules to ensure high data quality

The advantages for EDGE:

  • Central address book benefits from all advantages of the CRM system and creates transparency

  • Centralized platform for customer, partner and project management with mobile data access

  • Complete documentation of all customer interactions such as e-mails, calls or event invitations

That's what Johannes Metzler, project manager, EDGE, says:

The introduction of Salesforce brings us many advantages. In particular, the transparency of all data makes it easier for our employees to work together. We can now access all relevant information anywhere and at any time.

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