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Redi School: Salesforce as a digital academy

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About the project

Salesforce as a single source of truth: ReDI School coordinates courses, students, teachers and partner companies within a virtual campus, the Salesforce Education Cloud - successes can not only be better documented, but also maximized!



  • Dissolution of data silos & creation of a single source of truth

  • Digitization of the application process

  • Follow-up on fundraising opportunities

  • Effective maintenance of the partner network Interaction with the community

  • Visualization and tracking of success


Customer benefits

  • Reduction of manual time spent by more than 1/3 of the teams

  • Reduction in time spent on written communication for more than 50% of teams

  • Acceleration of contact data search by at least 8.7

About the project

Why Salesforce & Salesfive

The ReDI School of Digital Integration was launched in Berlin in 2016 with an important mission: To accelerate the integration of refugees through digital education. Meanwhile, the team consists of almost 50 employees who are working with various partners (Deutsche Bahn Stiftung, Coca-Cola Foundation, etc.) and at different locations to advance this mission.

With the Education Cloud, ReDI School can bring all your stakeholders together on one platform: a virtual, connected campus with a unique learning experience!
The collaboration with Salesfive already existed before the project. And since it has always been productive and smooth, they started the next project together.

Studenten, die an einer Programmierstunde teilnehmen

Salesforce by Salesfive: Our solution

  • Implementation of the Education Cloud in the context of

  • Consolidate volunteer management, donation overview & application processes into one platform

  • Creation of a single source of truth

  • User enablement through trainings, workshops & training support: Expertise in automation, architecture and Salesforce Apps.

The benefits for ReDI School:

  • Automation of manual processes & significant reduction in time spent

  • Complete and transparent overview of all sites about learners, teachers, courses, partner companies and applications

  • Support and track fundraising opportunities promotes financial sustainability

  • Through user enablement of Salesfive, ideas can also be implemented by the ReDI School itself

Manu Laudam Carvalho, Salesforce Admin & Data Protection Officer, ReDI School, says:

What we expected from Salesfive was a competent and solution-oriented cooperation with professional consulting based on established solutions. The KPIs speak for themselves - the expectations were exceeded!

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