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By integrating Salesforce and SAP, you can streamline your operational processes and increase collaboration between your departments and sales teams. This combination enables an efficient way of working and promotes transparent collaboration within your company. 

The synchronization of master and transaction data reduces additional work, prevents duplicate data entry, and thus minimizes the potential for errors. Whether you use SAP ECC or SAP S4/HANA, the seamless connection of Salesforce to your SAP system leads to consistent use. This offers significant benefits for your team and improves interaction with your customers. 

With SAP and Salesforce integration, you lay the foundation for efficient, data-driven business processes that increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

5 Reasons Why

  • Reduced additional work accelerates departmental communication. 

  • Minimized potential for error prevents redundant data entry and delays. 

  • Seamless end-to-end processes for continuous operations. 

  • Framework for SAP connection is based on best practices of market leaders 

  • Modular SAP connection: Basic master data expandable with quotation or product data.

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