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Preference Center

For the best brand experience: The Preference Center allows your customers to decide which messages they want to receive! 


Want an improved customer experience? Then use a preference center. It improves the customer experience by allowing subscribers to decide what types of messages they want to receive. 

Why is this important? It's simple: you need to give subscribers the option to unsubscribe (or opt-out) of marketing communications. While a simple one-click unsubscribe link in an email is acceptable, a preference center will help you lose fewer subscribers. By that, you're providing a seamless brand experience! 

How the Preference Center works

It is a landing page hosted in Marketing Cloud that stores the selected preferences in the database. 

The Preference Center is easily linked to any commercial email communication, so once a subscriber clicks on it, they can manage their preferences – simple as that. And to be even more memorable as a brand, there's the option to set up a customized Preference Center with a branded look and customized opt-in options. And preferred topics can also be made available for the subscriber to choose from. 

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5 Reasons Why

  • Increased engagement and better inbox placement. 

  • Seamless brand experience in the Preference Center (unsubscribe page). 

  • Advanced segmentation capabilities based on subscribers' preferred topics. 

  • No direct, immediate logout 

  • Individual setup of the Preference Center based on the needs of the customers