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Order Management

Track the entire process from order to delivery and unify order fulfillment.


Do you easily lose track of which orders are currently available and in which phase an order is? Put an end to confusing processes! We offer you exactly the tool that makes your order overview leaner and more structured. With our Order Management System, you not only see the entire process reliably and transparently, but you can also track, process and manage the order across all touchpoints all the way to delivery. Conveniently manage cancellations and returns or monitor the automatic processing of payments via a single portal. The order fulfillment process always includes status such as allocation, assignment, picking, packing, and shipping of order items.  


How Order Management Works

 Salesforce Order Management interacts with various systems during the processes required to move orders through the stages of the order lifecycle. Separate systems are used to manage things like payments and shipping. The benefit to you is that you can now eliminate isolated silos for these systems. So with Salesforce Order Management, you can bring all your systems together and coordinate the various processes required to deliver orders. Because with Order Management, you are no longer on different platforms, but can enjoy this bundled with the end-to-end solution. 


Discover all the features: 

  • Automatic reordering 

  • Seamless processes from order to delivery: with Salesforce Order Management  

  • Sales, Order Management System 

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5 Reasons Why

- faster and more efficient order processing -> lower costs  

- Simplification of complex order routing  

- Automation and AI, to determine the best cost-saving workflow.  

- User-friendly tools and industry-leading technology and resources  

- Uniform handling -> end-to-end