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Net Promoter Score

Do you know what your customers think about your company and whether they would recommend it to others? No? Then find out now! 

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Would you like to know whether your customers are satisfied with your product and willing to recommend it to others? With our module, you can now determine the Net Promoter Score (NPS) within Salesforce Marketing Cloud by simply asking your customers about their willingness to recommend. 

By collecting and analyzing customer feedback, you can immediately spot trends and patterns to identify issues and take proactive measures to engage customers. 

The NPS serves as a performance indicator to evaluate the success of measures to improve customer satisfaction and make your company more successful in the long term. 

5 Reasons Why

  • Simple and clearly understandable unit of measurement 

  • Valuable insights for a better understanding of customer satisfaction 

  • Initiate proactive measures through early identification of trends and customer perceptions 

  • Objective comparison with other companies and industries possible 

  • Increasing new customer acquisition through positive customer recommendations

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