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The Effective Inventory Management

Rely on high data quality, orderliness and clever organization of your orders with this Salesforce module.


Do you easily lose track of where your goods are in the warehouse? Your inventory management system is prone to errors? You are losing customers to your competitors due to poor data quality? We can provide you with a framework and help you set up the order management system, which will make it child's play for you to not only manage and track the entire lifecycle of the order, but also to keep track of the location and product item records. This way, you always know where and how many of your items are in the warehouse. Above all, you can also easily monitor the transfer of goods between warehouse locations or from an external supplier. 


This is how Effective Inventory Management works  

 The tool we give you includes cross-channel inventory and order data that can be operated and overlooked from a single dashboard with a fully integrated system. Simply scan barcodes from products with barcode scanners to update inventory in real-time. All changes can be reviewed through the list of product item transactions as you do so. This way you always have an insight into your inventory and this in real time! 


Discover all the features: 

  • Automatic reordering 

  • Sales, Order Management System 

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5 Reasons Why

  • Maintain order in the company & automatic inventory tracking in real time  

  • Reduction of workload and exclusion of human error  

  • More efficient returns  

  • More precise inventory/reorder management  

  • Overview of the entire order life cycle and thus faster shipping