Salesforce Modules

In-Store Application (B2C)

Guide your customers through your store and improve the customer experience. 


Discover the possibilities of our in-store app and enhance your customers' retail shopping experience! Easy creation of shopping lists and matching recipes to the purchased ingredients make the app an indispensable companion for your customers. Thanks to the integrated map function, the exact product locations and shelf placements are displayed to guide your customers efficiently through the store. Use targeted product recommendations and discount promotions to increase customer satisfaction and make the most of upselling potential. Our seamless integration with your CRM tool and loyalty management gives you a 360° view of all customer data, so you can gain valuable insights for assortment design and marketing planning, Create satisfied and loyal customers with our in-store app and stand out from the competition!

5 Reasons Why

  • Improved customer experience through personalized services 

  • Simple digital billing  

  • Targeted product and consumer management 

  • Integration with CRM system and customer loyalty program  

  • Analyses of buyer behavior, visiting times, merchandise management

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