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Complaint Management

Modular and expandable: our standardized complaints process in Salesforce as a OneStop Shop module.


Our Salesforce module "Complaint Management" is an end-to-end solution for your company to efficiently manage complaints across channels. Record, track, and process incoming complaints semi-automatically and based on a predefined guideline. Access relevant information quickly and provide personalized care to increase customer satisfaction and build trust in your company. 

Thanks to comprehensive reporting and analysis, you can identify trends and patterns in the complaint data. This allows you to derive measures to minimize future complaints and drive continuous improvement of your products and services.

5 Reasons Why

  • Short processing times through prioritization of customer complaint requests 

  • Transparent and smooth processing 

  • Comprehensive reporting & analyses 

  • Standardization of processes thanks to the predefined guideline 

  • Optimization of the customer experience even in problem situations

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