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A customer favorite through multi-cloud implementation: With the introduction of Salesforce, all sales, marketing and service processes are now handled completely seamlessly. Not only do they create an increase in efficiency and satisfaction for all employees, but also for (end) customers.

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Standardization of the IT architecture as a scalable basis Implementation of new strategies for seamless processes in marketing, sales & service Digital transformation in field service - on the road with tablet only Development of a dealer portal for more efficiency & satisfaction


About Truma

Truma is a hidden champion from Germany specializing in the manufacture of comfort products for caravans and motor homes. With a broad product portfolio ranging from heating and air-conditioning systems to hot water boilers, maneuvering systems and solutions for electricity and gas supply, Truma has established itself as a reliable partner in the industry.

The company, which is based in Putzbrunn near Munich, generates annual sales of around 200 million euros with around 700 employees. With its many years of experience and commitment to quality and innovation, Truma has secured a firm place for itself in the caravaning industry.

Personen in einer Werkstatt

"Digitization with Salesforce and Salesfive gives us a significant competitive advantage. Not only are we one step ahead in technology, but also in customer management."

Tobias Schwarze
Head of IT organization
Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG


The challenge

Before the start of the digitization project, it was clear that Truma wanted to continue to secure its market leadership and get to know the end customer through marketing and service. The new insights were to be used to better tailor the product range and services to the needs of customers.

In order to be able to meet this demand, the traditional company recognized the need for comprehensive digitization in all areas that encompassed customer interactions. Before implementation, many processes had to be handled manually, much was done in paper form and there were insufficient reporting options. The implementation made it possible to automate processes, reduce sources of human error, and enable more efficient and effective management of the company's activities.

The Solution

One platform for all departments, no barriers. The multi-cloud implementation has launched an era of digitalization for Truma that is constantly evolving.

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IT organisation

Integrated system architecture

IT organisation

Integrated system architecture

It was possible to consolidate Truma's various systems and then use Salesforce to create a uniform and lean IT landscape. Through the interfaces of Salesforce using middleware, existing systems could be integrated or migrated. The system consolidation and extensive consulting created new processes that made the ecosystem scalable and standardized and optimized workflows. 

The system was developed with the goal of being used internationally. We implemented and tested it specifically for the German market as a first step. Now we are adapting the existing system to the specific requirements of the different countries and preparing it for practical use.

Marketing & Sales

Master data, orders, communication & more at a glance

Marketing & Sales

Master data, orders, communication & more at a glance

As part of the digitization initiative, an interface between marketing and sales was established by implementing Salesforce. This enables deep insights into end customer relationships while centralizing B2B sales.

The following measures were implemented:

  • Scalable digitization of sales processes for the entire company

  • Digital documentation of all sales activities, including visit reports and email correspondence for office and field sales teams

  • Integration of SAP to provide a comprehensive B2B customer file in Salesforce

  • Transparent control and analysis of internal and external trade show activities to track dealer and OEM attendance

  • Creation of a central repository for sales documents and competitive analysis
    Digitally archive point-of-sale materials and track current inventory to analyze marketing to dealers

  • Digital capture of product training including instructors, attendees, and dates with automated certificate generation

Error catalog

Smart fault detection for service and field service

Screenshot Händlerportal
Error catalog

Smart fault detection for service and field service

One of the most significant innovations brought about by the introduction of Salesforce is the development of a comprehensive and intelligent device fault database, also known as an error catalog. This database enables employees to quickly identify the cause of the problem described by the customer. Guided processes allow the customer to be given a suggested solution directly over the phone so that he or she can fix the issue themselves. This not only saves a considerable amount of time but also reduces the need for service calls.
In the event of serious errors, the system automatically proposes the deployment of a service technician and transmits all relevant customer data and a predefined solution approach to the customer's mobile device. In addition, the application generates a customized list of required spare parts.


Premium Service intern & in the field


Premium Service intern & in the field

With the successful launch of Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning, Truma has redefined its service processes and set a milestone in terms of efficiency and customer focus.

A seamless internal service: By implementing a channel-independent service platform, all service requests are centrally recorded in Salesforce. All information on the service case, history and master data is now immediately available in one place. 
Precise categorization and intelligent recommendations: A managed error catalog enables service cases to be categorized quickly and precisely. This also provides automated recommendations for further action and decides whether the problem can even be solved by the customers themselves.
Revolution in field service: The daily planning of service calls, including route guidance and relevant customer data, is done via the mobile device. The guided error catalog supports the technicians on site during the repair. The organizational handling of the case also takes place via the tablet.

Partner management

Self-service & warranty processing for effective & low-cost support

Partner management

Self-service & warranty processing for effective & low-cost support

To simplify processes for Truma's partners, dealers and suppliers, we implemented a dealer portal based on the Salesforce Experience Cloud as the service provider.

In addition to access to master data, the user-friendly self-service portal also offers a partially automated process for handling warranty and service matters. This process uses the internal database for device faults and solutions and provides clear instructions for troubleshooting.

Automated calculations of warranty periods, warranty types, costs, return types and quality components optimize the workflow and reduce manual effort at Truma.

The result

Through the multi-cloud implementation, Truma has achieved a significant transformation that has even won them the LUPO Award.

Faster service, higher customer satisfaction

Securing a service appointment for customers on the first call and still increasing the efficiency of the field service: Truma is now meeting this demand on its own customer service with the transformation of all service processes.

Products and service according to customer needs

Product optimization for even better customer experiences. By tracking customer histories and marketing analyses, Truma has gained a better understanding of the needs of end customers and can thus further optimize products and services.

Scalable IT for global markets

By consolidating and migrating old IT systems, we have created a future-oriented, scalable IT infrastructure. The solution is designed for global use and offers the flexibility to adapt to country-specific requirements.

"The initiatives that Truma has taken in terms of digitalization, efficiency and also in terms of handling for the dealer is exemplary. And that's why we received the Lupo. This is the industry Oscar, so to speak. Salesfive and also the whole digitization process with Salesforce was definitely the decisive factor why Truma was able to win this award."

Michael Peikert
Head of European Retail Management & Marketing
Truma Gerätetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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