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Schmiedetechnik Plettenberg digitized

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About the project

A complex and extensive sales process simply implemented: The Sales Cloud as a central system for documentation and collaboration between different departments. From acquisition to quotation calculation and creation to order verification.



  • Unify data silos in one central system

  • Minimization of manual effort and long communication channels

  • Away from analogy to the cloud: consolidation of all data and departments

  • Overview of every status and every customer


Customer Benefits

  • Ten departments, all sub-processes and the entire documentation are stored centrally in the cloud: For more overview and transparency

  • The competitive advantage: The automation of manual activities enables a stronger focus on the customer and a solution-oriented, fast processing of inquiries

About the project

Why Salesforce & Salesfive

Schmiedetechnik Plettenberg GmbH & Co. KG manufactures high-precision components in solid forming with downstream machining for international customers from the automotive and non-automotive sectors.

The customer base and the sales team have grown over the years – and so has the complexity of the process. In order to be able to continue to offer the best advice and also to take greater advantage of development potential, digitization was initiated by means of a uniform CRM system for the entire customer processes. Salesforce as a flexibly adaptable system and Salesfive as an agile partner for rapid implementation and subsequent expansion were the perfect solution here.

Ein Schmied in der Arbeit

Salesforce by Salesfive: Our solution

  • Rapid initial implementation of the Sales Cloud with subsequent expansion

  • Introduction of a multi-stage new customer process (from acquisition to calculation to order processing) with various sub-processes and documentation of the respective departments

  • Design and implementation of a rights and roles system

  • Integration of the ERP system

  • PDF Butler for automatic generation of PDF files (quotes) from Salesforce

  • Sharepoint database integration: Access everywhere from Salesforce

The advantages for Schmiedetechnik Plettenberg

  • Uncomplicated information and data transfer with the Sales Cloud

  • A unified, multi-step quoting process brings all parties together: no more black boxes and cumbersome inquiries

  • Replacing analog documents and an old server structure with the cloud: centralized, fast loading times, mobile access 24/7

  • Reminders, task lists and status queries at a glance allow full concentration on the customer

  • Rapid rollout with planning for expansion after go-live: step by step to the perfect system for all parties involved

This is what Schmiedetechnik Plettenberg says:

A clear competitive advantage: digitization with Salesforce. Our individual and complex quotation process requires precision, multiple customization loops and accurate documentation to offer our customers the best product. With Salesforce, we have mastered the first step – we look forward to more!

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