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Ryte: Marketing & Sales Automation

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Overview in 30 seconds


About the project

Professional marketing and sales automation with Sales Cloud and Pardot. Say goodbye to complex systems and data silos.



  • Replacing the various data silos with a unified system

  • Breaking up complex processes

  • Simplification of communication


Customer benefits

  • Increase in employee productivity due to the uniform database

  • Focus on customer development and maintenance of valuable customer relationships thanks to automations

About the project

Why Salesforce & Salesfive

Ryte, an innovative SaaS company from Munich, supports companies in the sustainable quality management of their websites with the help of the Ryte Suite.

It was important for Ryte to move away from complex systems and data silos to make room for a professional automation solution. Salesfive's implementation of the multi-cloud solution helped Ryte achieve transparency and simplification across the enterprise.

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Salesforce by Salesfive: Our solution

  • Implementation of the Sales Cloud and Pardot

  • Migration of data to Salesforce

  • Creation of new structures and processes in sales

  • Automation of marketing activities in Pardot

The advantages for Ryte:

  • Both clouds enable scaling of the sales and marketing team

  • Better collaboration and transparency within departments

  • Integrated and automated marketing and sales process

Ryte says:

With Salesforce, we've been able to increase the productivity and efficiency of our employees! Thanks to Salesfive, our sales and marketing teams can now communicate even better with each other.

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