Strong digitization in healthcare

The future of healthcare is healthcare on-demand. Put patients at the center.

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Challenges for the health care system

Connecting data, people and tools

Agility is now required in the healthcare and life sciences industry. Patients must be the focus and be able to understand the added value of various actions (and medications). The "social" in the healthcare industry must be strengthened.

The demand for healthcare on-demand is therefore becoming louder. Lack of information must no longer be an issue, especially in this industry. Who should have access to which information? Which locations and work areas should be linked? What adjustments need to be made? These and similar questions can be solved thanks to Salesforce. Information also needs to be personalized. Strengthen the relationship with patients and customers through excellent customer experiences, interactions across multiple channels, and medication education. Anytime, anywhere - even mobile.

The cloud customized for your industry

Health Cloud

This innovative CRM solution from Salesforce provides a 360-degree view of patients, enables personalized care plans and improves communication between healthcare providers and patients. With the Salesforce Health Cloud, you can use your patient data to effective manage, strengthen patient loyalty and at the same time ensure compliance with data protection standards.

With healthcare into the cloud

Digitize healthcare with these cloud solutions

Do you prefer a customized CRM solution? We make it possible. From a range of cloud solutions, we design a unique system for you that is seamlessly tailored to your requirements.

Our strategies for you

Solutions tailored to your business

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360-degree view of your patient:inside

Thanks to automated processes, all systems work seamlessly together in one system. We integrate Salesforce into your IT landscape and break down data silos - for more transparency, even across departments.

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Patient and appointment management

With the networking of all data and systems to first-class patient and appointment management. Efficient scheduling also increases customer satisfaction.

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Service that inspires

Provide excellent service to customers and patients via live chats and messaging. Keep adding new features and responding from anywhere, with connectivity across multiple devices.

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We are aware that digitization processes are complex. That is why we have summarized the most frequently asked questions for you.

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