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Always one step ahead: ViveLaCar

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About the project

Salesfive as external development expert: Support in the development of new functions and extensions in Salesforce and optimization of the existing system.



  • External developer as flexible team member for optimization of the existing Salesforce solution

  • Reduction of manual work and optimization of workflows

  • Easier and faster usability for all users


Customer benefits

  • Salesfive developer as part of ViveLaCar Salesforce team enables flexible capacity expansion

  • New functionalities and optimizations in the system reduce manual work

  • Revision of existing backend functionalities for better performance

  • Customization and enhancement of existing Salesforce solution increases user experience

About the project

Why Salesforce & Salesfive

Flexible car booking and switching with the ViveLaCar Car subscription. The innovative business model requires transparent management of customers, cars, partners and dealers in one system: Salesforce.

With its own Salesforce team of administrators and developers, the company is already optimally positioned. In order to activate additional resources more cost-effectively, Salesfive was already brought in as an external partner in 2018 for Cluno. In 2019, we were consulted again for the optimization of the existing landscape.

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Salesforce by Salesfive: Our Solution

  • Integration of a Salesfive Developer into the CRM team

  • Optimization of the already existing code for better performance

  • Development of new components for the Sales, Finance and Legal departments

  • Adaptation of the system for better user experience

The advantages for ViveLaCar:

  • Hiring an external developer on a temporary basis saves costs and organizational effort

  • Precise use of our developer thanks to experience in various programming languages

  • Improved system performance due to the implemented adjustments

So says ViveLaCar:

A flexible extension of our team capacities with the developers from Salesfive enables us to respond flexibly to major optimizations and thus achieve project results more quickly.

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