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Towards the future: Through the digitalization of the automotive industry

Digitization enables you to bridge the gap between modern driving and new value chains.

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Challenges for the Automotive Industry

The dawn of a new age

On the one hand, there is the ecosystem of modern driving; on the other, the classic value chain is threatened. One thing is certain: the fundamental usage concept of a vehicle is changing. E-mobility, connectivity, connected driving – the expectations of a vehicle are continuously increasing. So what to do? Build a new network. Enter into alliances and benefit from networking with existing partners.

Dare to take the step forward – win tomorrow's customers with the help of digitalization. Use digital transformation to your advantage. Offer customers a new customer experience through personalized marketing, even directly in the vehicle.

The cloud made specifically for the industry

Automotive Cloud

The Automotive Cloud is a specialized cloud solution focused on the automotive industry, providing a comprehensive view of the customer and vehicle lifecycle for car manufacturers, dealers and automotive finance groups through a variety of tools, features and support from Driver 360.

With the automotive industry into the cloud

Full speed ahead: Take off with these Clouds

Off to the Cloud. No matter how much experience you already have: Together we will find the best solution for your company. Tailored to defy all the challenges of the automotive industry.

The Solution Strategy

Through digitalization, become the networked mobility service provider of the future.


Uniqueness is everything

Stand out in the market! Create unique experiences for your customers. Rethink the customer relationship and turn customers into fans.

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Strengthen partnerships

Start as a winner into a new era with fresh business models and optimized network. All your partners will be informed about products, announcements and much more within one platform.

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Smart Customer Service

Efficient and intelligent customer support is essential for you today. Inspire your customers by always being one step ahead.

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Everything from one source with one partner

Your direct path to the digital automotive industry

Together from the start: We accompany you from the start to the finish of the digitization journey.

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