Salesfive Benefits

You are important to us.

As a Fiver, you give your best every day. You contribute your talent, your time and your personality to us and go the extra mile that moves us all forward together. That's why you should feel completely at home with us. 

An open company culture, genuine appreciation and exciting new projects are a matter of course for us. But even beyond that, we offer you benefits that really help you in your everyday life.

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A benefit package as unique as you

Your employee benefits should not only fit your job, but also you and your life. That's why it's important to us to make our benefits program as individual as possible. We offer you a variety of different offers from which you can choose your personal benefits. Decide for yourself which ones will benefit you the most. We want to support all employees exactly where they want it. Your daily commitment to us should also be worthwhile for you.

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Health & Wellbeing

Have a good time.

The health of body and mind is the basis for a fulfilled life. That's why our benefits are also holistic and support you in strengthening your well-being and staying in balance.


With OpenUp, we provide you with a versatile online platform to strengthen your mental health. As a Fiver, you have unlimited access to 1:1 conversations with psychologists, check-ins, masterclasses and mindfulness sessions.

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eGym Wellpass / Urban Sports Club

With your eGym Wellpass or Urban Sports Club membership, you can choose from many great offers to keep you fit. From gym and yoga classes to swimming pool and climbing gym to nutritional advice, it's all there.



Cycling is not only fun and keeps you fit, but also protects our environment. Through JobRad, we lease the bicycle of your choice, which you can ride at any time, whether to work or in your free time.

Mindfulness by Salesfive

Today, mindfulness is more important than ever, but it is often neglected in everyday work. And in our private lives, we don't always manage to take care of our own bodies and minds as well as we should. This is where we want to take precautions with our Mindfulness campaign to make all our Fivers happier. In this way, we ensure that our employees can work in a more relaxed manner and are completely satisfied.

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Benefits for your wallet

At Salesfive, we offer various allowances in addition to your salary that make your everyday working life a little more relaxed or help you to provide for the future. You can decide for yourself which ones you would like to take advantage of.

Company pension plan

For security in old age. With our company pension offers, we build up your supplementary pension so that you have less to worry about in terms of your financial future.


Germany ticket

Mobile for the environment. We take over your Deutschlandticket, so you can stay flexible and do something good for the climate at the same time.



A modern benefit with a bite. We subsidize your meals with digital meal vouchers that you can use as you wish - no matter where you are working from.

Learning & Development

Growing together

We are happy to support you in your plans for the future. Would you like to deepen your knowledge or venture into new territory? We promote lifelong learning with a wide range of training programs. Find out about your options now!

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With us, family & job go under one hat.

Either career or family? With us, you don't have to decide. Because with the right benefits, it's very possible to combine both. We support all mothers and fathers at Salesfive to stay flexible and be there for their families. So you can be sure to have enough time for your loved ones without having to neglect your career plans.

Emergency Childcare Option

If your child is sick and can only be looked after by you, you can easily log off with a 1-click absence option in the system and are automatically excused.


Childcare subsidy

For all children who are not yet in school, we offer financial support for care in a daycare center.


Flexible home office

We want to make your work as flexible as possible. Use the option of a home office on the spur of the moment or adjust your working hours if necessary.

Why Salesfive? Because family is a top priority for us:

Portrait von Alexander Bartels

Alexander Bartels, Managing Director and Father

As a father myself, I know how great it is to get support from the company, but also from colleagues.

Portrait von Maud Frommhold

Maud Frommhold, Senior Salesforce Consultant and Mother

For me, family-friendliness means above all flexibility - both in terms of working hours and location. I was also super grateful for my reception after parental leave and the gradual increase in my working hours!

Portrait von Alexander Mette

Alexander Mette, Director Architecture and father

Thanks to the flexibility at Salesfive, even homeschooling times were super manageable!


Because your lifetime is priceless

There are many reasons for taking time off. Are you planning a time-consuming continuing education program or want to finish your doctorate in peace? A relative needs to be cared for? You finally want to go on your long-awaited trip around the world? With our offers we enable you to take time off when you need it.
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Educational Leave & Social Days

In addition to 30 vacation days, you will receive additional time for training and social commitment. Do what is important for you! We support you in doing so.


Unpaid Leave

Sometimes unexpected things come up that require our full attention. In consultation with your manager, you can request up to four weeks of unpaid leave.



Loyalty is rewarded at Salesfive. If you have already been with us for four years, you can take a sabbatical of several months.

Work where you can do it best

We want to give you the freedom to design your workday in the way that suits you best. That's why we trust you with maximum flexibility to create the best setting for your daily work. Need to finish an important project and need the peace and quiet of a home office to fully concentrate? No problem. Or maybe you enjoy the exchange with your colleagues in our hubs and feel the Fiver spirit on site, which drives you even further. Or maybe you'd like a workstation to combine work and relaxation? No problem with us. Because you know best which solution works best for you.

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Other Salesfive Benefits


Company Events


Language courses


Employee discounts


Top equipment


Central locations


Relocation support

Convinced? Then become a Fiver now!

Apply with us and soon benefit from our versatile and individual corporate benefits.

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